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  1. Is that the little Oakley metal thing you get with their SI products on your M4 magwell?
  2. Gigantic chickenwing But seriously, nice photos. Edited 'cause I forgot to remove img tags...
  3. Can you really see your sights? Looks like quite a chunky PEQ replica.
  4. And someone brought this up sometime before, but no-one really knew. If this replica really is 1:1 to the original then theres no reason why it woulden't work. How much are you selling them for?
  5. Isn't the DragonRed replica - it dosen't have trades.
  6. Interesting! This as Jin15 said is the version 2 of the DragonRed replica. I own the version one which does take AA's as the manual suggests. I wonder why they changed this one to take AAA's? I have not noticed mine being crooked on the rails of my M4 and it was something I looked for when I first got it but meh. Mine does not have the odd spacing on the trades? My lever does not wobble when clamped down. Weirdness Nice review though.
  7. Que the 'this is my safety' jokes? Beautiful though, I am most definetly jealous
  8. Ahh yeah I see where you're coming from now, hi-speed style
  9. They really don't weigh you down very much, if you want one for just the looks, stuff it with something lightweight and you're good to go. (everyone knows empty MAP's look silly ) Plus you can keep a Camelbak in there.
  10. Yeah I know, just thought I'd mention it as people were on the subject of the difficulty of getting IR patches etc these days and that looks virtually identical to the flags.
  11. EbayBanned do a lookalike: http://ebaybanned.com/product_info.php?cPa...products_id=891 Pretty certain it dosen't have any IR qualities though
  12. I love the Mighty Boosh evansy
  13. Also the Hurricane recticle has the 'fins' on it dosen't it? Ouch. Although this proves my point, ACM Eotech's are perfectly good sights
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