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    airhard anyone?

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    Can't remember :P
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  1. Learn to share damnit!

  2. Ed...... you cheater :'(

  3. Edmiles

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    I opened up my cheap shotgun and the trigger mechanism fell apart, tried to put it back together and somehow ended up warping the hell out of a small spring and snapping part of the piston off. Now it's just a lump of plastic. I didn't even have a reason for opening it up. Just got bored, and curious. *Sigh*
  4. Edmiles

    What's your backup?

    TM Tactical Master, great pistol, never let me down. Great power, range everything. Sometimes JT-3A shotgun as well, which is outperformed by the Tactical Master but is fun nontheless

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