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  1. Hey Jaofter is that tmc brand aor1 combat tops and bottoms?
  2. Looks very nice. Dying to grt my hands on one of those kwa masterpieces. Doing a similar paint job except more of a brushed war torn look. Digging the blue marker decals...small milsim details like that set the peice off for sure.
  3. When the arrow head is upside down it usually means a shadow squad from a group. A round of long tabbed who are experts in there field are attached to each other and run Black Ops under the specific mission. - MSG Raliegh (3rd Special Forces Group FT Bragg) Great rig though, makes me miss my Olive Drab.
  4. My newest rack system. Its not complete yet but here ya go....EssTac Boar. WiP.
  5. It is at the commanders discretion. I only plop her on my AEG when im done using my M4 for a while such as leave. We re zero our M4's every 3 to 5 months.
  6. Everything on my realsteel work M4 fist on my airsoft M4 (GuayGuay) except for the obvious upper and lower reciever. VLTOR stock Foliage HandGrip KA (Knights Arm. not King Arms) Rail covers KA fore grip Trijicon ACOG (Real Deal) PEQ-15 (Real Deal) can all be moved to my AEG with an easy 20 min conversion. I guess its safe to say I use Real Steel products on my AEG, saves me money. Now I just need to figure out how to sell my 3 BAMF Plate Carriers now that the ARMY has its head up its *albartroth* and seems to only authorize ACU pattern and OITV/IBA's now no matter
  7. Yeah its real, no preasure switch though. Being in the Army has its percs but that comes with knowing the right people. Never join the Army kids. Really.
  8. Changing mine again, latest aquisition. Night Ops MOD Regulars.
  9. I hate my PEQ and am trying everythimg in my power to get that old been down range to many times POS off. The only good thing PEQs are used for are for designating targets for rotorary wings and fixed wing birds to come in and take a nibble at the enemy at night. OTHER THAN THAT they are usless. I have zero'd mine so many times and with it being on the top RIS and on the side and with NVG during live fire training its still off by around 5 to 6 meters at 150M targets. They make your rifle heavier, no place for a comfortable grip on the rifles fore arm, eat up batteries like theres no t
  10. Mine and my Medics M4. Stores here always be sold out of Dark Earth Spray paint but we tricked his out atleast.
  11. HAHA I got some 240 action too.. Loving you pics guys keep em coming! FIST COLT Team, where best in Squadron.
  12. Would any of you guys recommend SRC AKs? I thought about getting that AKSU PMC looking varient from SRC. Trusted brand?
  13. My finally finished Weesatch. Heres some pics. Medical ICAK Garmin and friends... Plates are always fun Any suggestions?
  14. Very interesting, thanks for the links! Been looking at these for a while now. My issued knee pads just grasp tightly around my legs and are very uncomfortable while rucking, they also suck for airborne ops. As soon as you leave the bird they just shoot down to your feet almost falling off and if I wear them too tight and sit down I just feel a headache behind my knees. I asked my FSNSO about these and he approves them so I've been on the hunt for them all week online. I see the actual good cuts of the ACU Combat Pants are absoloutley rare but they do sell a 50 dollar cheaper set on e
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