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  1. BoE.Solidius

    Pics of your Gear

    Hey Jaofter is that tmc brand aor1 combat tops and bottoms?
  2. BoE.Solidius

    H&K Picture Thread

    Looks very nice. Dying to grt my hands on one of those kwa masterpieces. Doing a similar paint job except more of a brushed war torn look. Digging the blue marker decals...small milsim details like that set the peice off for sure.
  3. BoE.Solidius

    SIG Picture Thread

    I love it! I was going to do the same (except for the stock part) with a cheap JG 552 but I hear ICS was releasing these beauties so I said to my self its worth the wait. Im going to buy both varients as the 552 will be for my CQB skirmishes; FPS at 300. Then for the 551 my assault class shooting around 410 with .25's.
  4. BoE.Solidius

    SIG Picture Thread

    Great custom job on getting that stock on there. Not my style but I give you props or that. Is that a TM with Hurricane metal top and bottom recievers and the Guarder charging handle with high tension spring? Let me know.
  5. BoE.Solidius

    SIG Picture Thread

    Maybe later n life you'll sell her? I will certiantly buy her from you. (Your Sig not your GF )
  6. BoE.Solidius

    SIG Picture Thread

    Fuuuuu***** man someone beat my AEG yet again. LOL No worries just gave me an idea of what she will look like. I have those exact parts on a notepad doc. half ready to ship and buy, the guarder parts are pending. Man I can't wait to get her. Thanks for posting that you have a really nice and well built SIG, full metal too so it makes you feel even more reassured.
  7. BoE.Solidius

    SIG Picture Thread

    WOW that is a very nice 552. Any reason why you have a rubber band around the fore-arm? Also this is a TM right?
  8. BoE.Solidius

    SIG Picture Thread

    If it works it works I guess lol on the bright side you can go prone with your weapon now. Well where ever the videos came from they sure look damn convincing. I have been waiting for a full metal SIG for a really long time, finally decided to go with the alternative; Buy a TM and upgrade it with G&P/GUARDER/HurricanE metal parts. Going to cost a lot. But I hope this ICS is well built internaly as it is externaly. ICS have always had mis haps with their V3's we'll have to see.
  9. BoE.Solidius

    SIG Picture Thread

    WTF is that? lol. If you guys type ICS Sig on youtube it brings up some upcoming videos of there latest SIG552 and the SIG552 SWAT. The first ever full metal 552 AEG (Thats without having to buy all the metal upgrades such as TM and JG), it also houses a full charging lever charge and not a half way charge as the TM or JG, and also when you charge the cocking handle all the way back it locks in place and has a working bolt catch. I am debating on getting a TM and upgrading it with all the full metal parts or just waiting for the ICS. Never a fan of ICS because of there horrible externals but this surpasses anything they have made.
  10. BoE.Solidius

    SIG Picture Thread

    (sorry if this a bit off topic) Hey guys I am really feeling the SIG552. I have never owned one and after watching MiamiVice and a few PMC training videos I had to look it up. I have already made an all metal swap out list for a 552 ya know; HurricanE metal reciever, metal RIS fore-arm, Guarder metal charging handle pieces and stock hooks. I just need to have one question answered and it has been aching at me. As much as I hate JG I am willing to consider buying a JG just to save money so I can buy all the metal parts for the 552 anyways so its going as much metal as can be put on her as a TM/JG will handle. I know the JG's are like an almost identicle clone of the TM and I just want to know if the parts I listed will fit on JG because they say it will fit TMs. Commen sense I know just want to clarify. Thanks.

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