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  1. Does anyone know what ready mags fit these?
  2. Hi guys recently picked up a 417 from christhesecond which I'm really impressed with. Has anyone had any issues with the stock mechanism breaking? Mine seems to have gotten stuck in the fully extended position and I can't take the stock off either. Has anyone else had the same issue. If so how did you get the stock off. Cheers all.
  3. Is there anywhere that still has the trigger talk lipo adapter or the baton one?
  4. Mine from PX airsoft. Came in at £53 delivered. Quality is good, but I dont think the one I have is near 500 lumen. On a plus note, it fits in my Safariland for G17 with M3
  5. CplHicks


    Mine with added X300
  6. CplHicks


    Waiting on my x300 ultra. I just need a magwell for mine now
  7. A friend of mine has just picked up a ace 1 arms rmr slide set. Looks like he's in for a fun time fitting it
  8. Easiest way to get one is to see if a Japanese member to buy one and then ship it to you
  9. Scope is a Novel Arms Tac one 1.2-4. Its a replica of the Nightforce short dot.
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