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  1. I know mate. Completely forgot to take it off as I was in a hurry. Plan for it now is to get 4 more mags, an AAC suppressor with the flash hider (one designed for kwa is 14+ so should fit) and an x300u replica as the x300 pictured is from my 226. Semapo gear vtac aor1 padded sling replica is in the post.
  2. So I picked one up yesterday.... A big thank you to Tisane for his time answering my questions etc. I was not disappointed!
  3. Please please please do some more videos haha! You're a legend!
  4. Maybe if you took some videos of yours you could spread the good word mate. You've already sold it to me.
  5. I was thinking that too. I wonder what they did to sort the issue. There was some talk of the release valve springs being too weak. If it was that though there would still be loads of mags on the shelves with weak valve springs.
  6. Thanks! Are you in the uk? I'm really tempted to get one of these but I'm concerned about skirmishability. Could you share your experience please dude?
  7. Is there an npas available for the vfc mp7 yet or even any other forms of velocity control?
  8. Define fine? There's no way my old 416 would do a full mag on full auto at 10deg C. :s
  9. Yeah pics of what you did to the extension would be great please!
  10. Anyone know of a site that has ready fighter flow reducer flute valves in stock?
  11. Very jealous of the cqd rear sling plate.
  12. Thanks guys. It's second hand so it may well have seen an excess of lube at some stage so I'll try cleaning it. Every tm rif I've ever owned has easily been able to lift 0.28s and like I said this can barely lift 0.25s. To the point where it still isn't quite enough hop. If I did want to change the rubber in the future, what are the best options?
  13. Silly question but do they just take any hop rubber for tm p226/vsr etc? Just got hold of one and it only just lifts 0.25s with propane so sounds like the hop rubber is covered in *suitcase*. Thought I might as well get a new one for it anyway.
  14. Probably easier to mod the inside of the rail no?
  15. Try better quality/harder ammo. Also try rolling a bb up the feed ramp to the hop chamber with your finger. Does it roll up freely?
  16. For anyone interested, you can quite easily make beta project emags fit/work by cutting down the release valve, removing the fake feed lips and shortening the release valve lock.
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