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  1. Nice gun. But the green of the carpet is a bad match to the gun
  2. I was going to write a large wall of text about how freaking awsome that looks, but i can't find the words! Thats freaking awsome!
  3. It is acctully, I thought it was something that the ATP background did. But I took it out of the cabinet and looked. The fun part is that the stock isnt wobbling and it looks like the last person who removed the buffertube screwed the locking ring on crocked... well it works at least.
  4. My "LEO"-style AR A G&P M4 CQB Element SF M500a ACM Eotech 557 ACM Eotech mount Dboys M-27 Rear sight Inspired by (not based apon) the rifles used buy the Officers seen in NatGeos The border, and random pics from SWAT magazine.
  5. Thanks. Now I just need a gun to do that with... It looks awsome!
  6. Dude. that looks sweet! What type of colour did you use?
  7. I've had WE MEU before and allthou I haven't used the Socom that much yet it feels sturdier and smoother.
  8. Socomgear MEU with Surefire x300
  9. That is the pic I used took my inspiration from, yes.
  10. My Pimped up PMCish style AK.
  11. My latest: Started Life as a Cyma AK47s, then been customized by a friend of mine. On it you see Tactical handguards, I think they came of a JG AK tactical ACM Microdot ACM Short vertgrip ACM Larue handstop and clips. ACM Noveske. It has a mosfet so it runs lika damn swiss watch! (the toy train is a IED placed by my son. It's of the slip and trip kind)
  12. @Lone_Bullet: Thanks man. No thats the Eagle Tactical Combat Diaper. It's slightly larger then the Magpul PTS one. @Cheesepot: Thanks to you to dude. He is 2,5, you need to catch them young you know!
  13. My not that good attempt to "hide" the terrible background.
  14. Sorry for the not so tactical Bakground. WO T02 Operator/Sharpshooter CIO-SCAT* (WIP) Kitlist Rigg: Bulle Recon Chest Harness Bulle Velcro Admin pouch Bulle Silencer/MP5 mag pouch Bulle M4 Quad Magpouch Bulle TRS Dubble Magpouch Bulle Dubble Pistolmag pouch MS2 Sling (ACM) Kittlist Firtsline: 304k Bälte Bladetech Holster for glock 17 with M3X/M6X lampa Bulle Foldable Dumppouch Weapons: Meister Glock 17 Dboys SPR Bonus Picture
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