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    I was a ###### for Airsoft, till she left me for another wallet..

    Now I watch endless amounts of pirate dvds and hoping I win the national lottery..

    One day I hope to be the richest airsofter in the world and build an airsoft Commanche helichopter.. I love the smell of curry in the morning...
  1. Dave is a great guy to deal with. Honest, honourable and all round decent chap. One of the Stars of old skool Airsoft. I have traded many items with him and would always do so. Thanks for all the business you have provided me!

  2. King Zog from the planet Zog

  3. Great guy to so business, good comms and fast payment. less mess and does what its says on the tin - JOB DONE!

  4. A1 trader!

    Item arrived fast and was in great condition, would happily trade with again :)

  5. Airsoft-Show event team- Really great guy to deal with. Very fast payment, great comms and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend trading with him...

    Thanks for a smooth transactions and to fell to you anytime.

  6. Top trader; I would highly recommending dealing with...

  7. Fantastic seller , the rifle was as new and better than discribed , a very quick poster of the goods to boot , a better deal i could not have hoped for ,if hes selling you should be buying ,simple as that

    cheers Andy your a star

  8. You remind me of me. I had a collection very similar to yours. Love that elite.... As for the tanaka revolvers, have to disagree. If you unscrew the grips and tighten the hammer spring screw you can turn these babies in to hand held cannons achieving 400-450 fps, oh yes... Feel the force. with bedding in of the hop rubbers they can be deadly... It all in the wrist action...
  9. ybe you are skilled firecontrol, not trigger happy like me
  10. Lewis is a top man. Very polite and gentleman to deal with.

    Thanks for a great deal..

  11. Ok a real noobey question, only coz I have ventured into the realms of G36s as I am an M4 fan. I have just procured a CA G36k and notice that some are fitted with a device above the scope, which I assume is a lazer pointer or an aiming device of some sort? What is it and where can I get one and will I have to buy an adaptor to attach it to the scope/carrying handle??
  12. truly excellent trader and all round great guy. you can enter into a sale with complete confidence. i would gladly deal with him any day

  13. Paul can't read let alone write english...
  14. The glossy paper will just shear the s h it on your *albartroth*, just like school toil;et paper...
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