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  1. I have actually. A review should at least have a bit of info on performance and how it handles rather than just copying what's printed on the box. Also if you look at the results of the polls you put up with them you'll see I'm not the only one who thinks this way
  2. What a pile of absolute drivel. You haven't provided any guides or reviews, just scanned and uploaded the booklet for some *suitcase* springers that nobody is interested in hoping it'll get you attention and make a name for yourself. At least have the decency to be honest about why you're doing it
  3. There are better and easier ways to get the attention you feel you didn't get as a child
  4. That's because the Beretta 92FS and the M9 are the same pistol. M9 is just what the US military call it. Do you have boxes for anything other than crappy market place springers?
  5. Ah cyberscum. I don't think there's a more hated company in airsoft known for making overpriced *suitcase*
  6. Don't get me wrong, I've had some great games in the cold and wet but I understand if others either don't want to play or don't have appropriate waterproofs etc
  7. I think the lack of night games in winter is probably because the lower temperatures and generally crappier weather put some people off. Just think how often numbers drop at daytime games when the weather turns
  8. Could it be that a site's insurance won't cover night games due to extra trip hazards etc?
  9. A big factor in older players drifting away is real life getting in the way, eg a mortgage and bills to pay or having kids
  10. After drifting oover to Facebook like many others, I've started coming back as the groups there get worse and worse
  11. Another great display at Flying Legends https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ggsjo2xZzdNZKjYk7 http://imgur.com/gallery/ejih6j5 http://imgur.com/gallery/ibHlSGr http://imgur.com/gallery/Xm1UMDz
  12. What's the odds someone is already making an airsoft version where its hpa and so the tank and line are functional?
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