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  1. Stronger - 30 Seconds To Mars *fruitcage* amazing cover!
  2. How can you put a PEQ2 in FRONT of the iron sight on an M16?
  3. A Little Doubt Goes a Long Way - Reel Big Fish. Feeling nostalgic!
  4. Not tested it just yet, but I normally set my hop in my garden... I can't with this because it wants to go further than my garden is long.
  5. Finally in the KAC owners club VFC SR15E3 14.5 inch Nextorch T6A TM Vertgrip Hurricane EOTech 551 ( hopefully replacing with a real one when my mate gets back from A'stan ) Also need to mod my ASAP plate to fit. Shoots like a demon, and I'm now entirely convinced of VFC's superiorty over all.
  6. Question: I have a TM 1911, and want to put a rail on it (http://www.ebairsoft.com/pa0205-1911-under...unt-p-1971.html) and then my Insight M3... are there any Safariland, or Safariland style holsters that will fit this combo?
  7. Alexisonfire - Young Cardinals... not a bad album, but not their best by any means.
  8. Gief pistol mag pouches naow.
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