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  1. is selling up his airsoft stuff. Sales thread will be up shortly.

    1. shmook


      Sorry to hear that :(


      You out of it for good?

    2. TheFull9


      *All* the stuff? Dude.. heart honestly goes out to you.

  2. thinks people should go look at the Morning After section, otherwise Marlowe's head might explode with worry that Arnies am doooooooooooooooooooomed.

    1. StarMonkee


      Dans going mad? Nothing new then :P

  3. gah, need a short hydro to fit on a FAPC... nowhere has green ( I don't care what green!) in stock in the UK!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Shriven


      Do you have a link to the one you mean? Found one that's just a regular carrier, which would be too long for the FAPC ( it would hang waaay over the carrier's edge).

    3. RSM
    4. evansy


      How many rows of molle are on the back of the FAPC?

  4. has never heard of this MA thing before. I am intrigued, somebody should go and read up on it and tell me all about it.

  5. :F WE L85A2 finished pics...

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. hitmanNo2


      Thanks. Looks pretty nice.

    3. TheFull9


      Fruitcage sake... I've always sworn to never buy a WE gun and I've already got 6 WA mags. What a dilemma.

    4. danielsilva


      And here i thought that i would never see "pretty nice" and "L85" on the same sentence.

  6. Ckinnerly, Me, and Darklite Opening fire on a guy hiding in some tractor tyres Closing the gap to get the guys behind him SEARCH AND ASSESS! Bitches, down. Screaming for cease fire and weapons safe after realising the guy I shot in the tractor tyres has lost a lens from his eyepro. DON'T BUY CHEAP EYE PROTECTION PEOPLE! All at MA6.5
  7. feels pretty good after MA6.5 Can't wait for pics :)

  8. feels pretty good after MA6.5 Can't wait for pics :)

  9. Really, really dislikes timewasters. "Yes, I will buy your stuff" "Ok, here are my details" nearly two days of silence and then "I've bought something else"

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. StarMonkee


      I did warn you Shedmond *insert smug face*

    3. TheFull9


      While it's definitely not the best forum in the world, there's lot of buying/selling that goes on over at zeroin, if it gives you more chance of moving the AUG and getting to game I say jump on it mate, and sooner rather than later. No real reason not to, considering what's a stake,

    4. Banshee_Will


      AH that place.........

      *Don't read the product description, then ask a bone question crowd*


      I had some bloke who was going to collect a gun and he never showed up!

  10. for Morning After bods only: my AUG is now only £100.

  11. For the love of gods, someone buy my AUG so I can go airsoft this weekend.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Shriven


      Yep :( If I can't shift it, I can't go.

    3. Shriven


      Well... MIGHT be able to go without selling this, but it's mega borderline.

    4. TheFull9


      Hell I'd have it off you if it weren't for the fact I don't have the mags, batteries, any spares and the 2-stage wouldn't be allowed in much of my regular site. Best of luck anyway mate.


      Someone with another AUG buy his gun!

  12. It was my belief that you can't have foam filled ones in the states.
  13. wishes a Trjicon RDS sight tower would drop out of the sky...

    1. FireKnife


      Wouldn't it be broken then?

    2. Shriven


      No because they're SUPER DOUBLE HARD.



  14. uscmcorps. Y U HAT ME?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Shriven


      No but seriously please reply to my PM.

    3. danielsilva


      Uhuh bro-love ?

    4. Shriven


      Trying to work out how the VFC SR15E3 bolt catch assy works so I can reassemble it... but first I need to get work out how to take the mag catch out... and uscm is the guy who is pretty much Captain VFC.

  15. VFC PDW owners with RATech internal lipo kits: Is the supplied battery any good?

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