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  1. Had to use that long flash hider to meet the minimum legal length in my state. Since this is not an official duty gun but my own personal gun, no exemption. As you can see in my early pic, it had the shorter birdcage hider but when I did the conversion to the airsoft stock (to shorten LOP) I had to attach a longer hider to keep the legal length. I JUST received a new folding stock today. It is a piece of art and I'll post pics once I get it installed. Those Germans have done it again. They call it a sniper stock, but it folds (to the left so you can shoot with it folded). It uses SL8 LOP
  2. Real steel, but this is what I worked out. I originally had an H&K dual optic but the red dot was too slow in acquiring. At work we all use Eotechs so I got used to them, and put one on my SL8 converted into a G36 clone (a common conversion in the real steel world). This photo shows my single optic carry handle that I had an H&K rail installed on, then added an Eotech. Yes, I have to hold the rifle "bazooka style" to use the lower scope, but no problem. Watch the footage of guys in the sand box, the bazooka style shouldering of their M4's is common. Ironically, in my never ending
  3. Short but sweet My coolest G36
  4. Just barely... Haven't had much time for A/S participation although I still use alot of A/S guns for prop and photo work. I still lurk on this site. Here are a couple more photo guns. First one is an all metal and wood prop M79.
  5. Here are some from my collection. I used my real steel HK in a couple of shots. I've since put the 2 inch longer barrel on the little Madbull AGX, and an Army Code body on the TM G36.
  6. On our real steel HK's we put the light/laser under the barrel whenever possible. There are many practical and tactical reasons for doing this. However, on my current real G36 clone (see photo) the light is on the side with the TD pad on the other. From a tactical standpoint, you want your light / laser forward on the gun if you can. You lose a degree of illumination when the white light is back on a gun due to occlusion, plus you light up your gun making you more visible from the side.
  7. On the real steel P90, and I suspect the airsoft ones as well, the upper receiver acts as a guide when reloading. Under combat conditions, you are supposed to scan the target/area/suspects as you reload and that means not eyeballing your firearm. That was the principal with guns like the Uzi where reloading mags uses the "hand finds hand" technique. Not a criticism of that modified P90, just a comment on one of the principles of speedloading under combat (inc. airsoft combat) conditions. At the range, if we look down to reload our pistols or shoulder weapons the rangemaster can take point
  8. Here are a couple of the pics. Here's my TM P90 with the real mag TM top, real steel below Picture of mods I made to install real P90 optics into my airsoft
  9. What did they misspell on the Army Code body? Also, will it fit both the CA and TM versions? I have one coming and didn't realize there was a spelling issue.
  10. Good point. Note that the rounds shown are dummies, polished for photo use so it was safe to do that photo in that arrangement. The unattached mags had live rounds. All under controlled, safe conditions (I am a full time cop and firearms instructor). Re. the bolt hold back, there is a bolt release just inside the trigger guard (towards the front) and you can also just pull the charging handle back, either will put the rifle back into battery.
  11. On real steel, the vented rail fore ends are often referred to as dissipators as the heat buildup is pretty intense, so the ventilation really helps cool things down. Also, the rails are very, very solid and being full length offer alot of adjustment. Here is my real HK, with a Mad Bull airsoft grenade launcher. This photo was taken for an advertisement. Here is how I normally keep the gun set up. As you can see, the barrel and gas tube inside get alot of air circulation.
  12. Many agencies, including mine, will allow some flexibility on that. They generally issue you a weapon but allow you the option of buying your own and having it approved, then you qualify with it. I'm on a specialty unit and we have pretty free reign of weapons (on and off duty), holsters and shoulder weapons. I'm not a sniper but I supervise some, so to "play with the boys" I had a Rem. PSS 700 built. Same story on my G36 clone. No...I didn't "borrow" the optics or anything else from a govt. issued P90 to put on mine, but I DID find the vendor who supplies the sling so I got one of them.
  13. Thanks. Out here, it's a variety of old MP5's, M16's, M4's, P90's, G36's and even some Rugers (select fire AC556). There are also a couple of Sigs. If needed, there are some old TSMG's and other odds and ends from long ago. My personal shoulder gun is an M4 with a Wilcox grip and an Eotech optic. My other is an SL8 converted into a G36 clone but only semiauto. Those two I can use for work (the G36 clone is my personally owned weapon). I also have airsoft versions of both.
  14. I have a metal fabrication shop that does alot of work on my real steel and my prop guns, this was the first for an airsoft. It went fast. Using a metal band saw he cut two "wafers" off the bolt then drilled a hole in the centers. I used a saw to cut the slots for the adjustment tool/screwdriver. Less than 20 minutes from beginning to end. Here are some photos of my airsoft P90 and a real steel P90 (work issued, I'm a full time cop). A couple show the TM P90 before I added the real P90 sight, so I had a red-dot. My TM started out as a tri-rail version which I converted to an optical sight
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