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  1. www.combatkit.net maby (they got alot of pounches in m84)
  2. One off my rigs in danish m/84 camo Every thing is from www.gtg-gear.dk (all there struff have been testet in afghanistan)
  3. I love it, but we need to see more pictures
  4. Trasher: what camera do you use?
  5. Thanks But what about the stock? (and how big its the battery, in the stock?) Where did you buy that MRP kit? (is it real steel?) EDIT: ohh is it this kit? http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?itm=BG-KIT-M4MRP
  6. Can i get a kitlistĀ“?
  7. I love it Maby because, iam a danish soldier, and have danish m84 on, every day. I wish my captajn would let me paint my c7a1 like that
  8. What type off s-system do you use? ICS?
  9. TheGetUpKid: What stock is that? And where can you buy magpul stuff for AEG's?
  10. Thats some nice guns, can i get a kit list? speciel on the one whit a normal stock- (and where do you store the battery in the one whit the normal m4 stock?)
  11. Du you have more pictures off the m4 in the middel? And where do you have the battery?
  12. browningman: what parts did you use? btw. nice m733
  13. Does this fit on a TM m14? http://www.vltor.com/socom.htm or only real steel?
  14. I did know that But where, and can you buy the extender alone?
  15. Donnie where did you buy that scoope?
  16. that will be great, they dont ship to europe http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/MGR280-1426-2089.html how, do we do, whit the payment, and every thing?
  17. Where do you buy, the G3A3 wood kit? Can you get it some where in europe? I know that we danes have uset G3A3's, (m/75) but i have not been able to get a wood kit in denmark... http://www.hjvk9132.dk/skydning.htm
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