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  1. no, its a G&G Tactical Griphere
  2. my brand new KWA KM4S soon to have SOPMOD Stock
  3. nice work, i thought the pics were one photo, i was thinking "2 of the same gun?" i like it. it looks better without a paint job, thats just what i think.
  4. i agree with onslaught... silencer looks well made. great work!
  5. tuck your shirt in... i think it would look a bit better
  6. radio... do you keep the battery in the MOD or casv?
  7. i never thought an MP5 could look huge... haha. really nice loadout though man.
  8. i almost bought one till i held it. was too plasticy for me. if ca or tm or someone came out with a n ABS Plastic body then i'd most likely get one.
  9. o m g too cool. that is not for kids...
  10. one of a kind! awesome man... GOOD JOB
  11. im trying to get a scar because of that!
  12. im building a MARPAT loadout right now, i wanted CADPAT, but its harder to get / more expensive / and it doesnt blend well with the vegas desert... but my dream loadout would probobly consist of using cadpat
  13. hey echo, i recognize that bench and the snow...
  14. woops, just read you actual comment...lol
  15. The last one was locked so I thought I'd make another... ill have pics soon... Lets see 'em!
  16. nice loadouts for both of ya... they both blend well with the environment and thats what really matters... love it!
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