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  1. H&K

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    No, it's a G&G Armaments stock I bought in 2006 or 2007. Here it is in a photo I took from those days when it was on my S-System. However it seems that Madbull have made a copy of the same stock as G&G did back in the day. From what I can see of the Madbull one, it seems to be exactly the same. Hope that helps!
  2. H&K

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    A couple quick pictures of my two AR15 derivatives. First the TM M4 S-System with its nice FN bodykit and custom stock I bought off the forums. Nothing else added to it bar a tighter inner barrel and stronger spring. The other is my built-from-parts armalite. I believe it would classify as an M733, but anyone please correct me if I'm wrong! It used an SRC M4 as a donor, but has a Systema gearbox and motor, G&P M16A2 body kit, 11.5" barrel, tighter inner barrel, Magpul MIAD grip, Noveske KX3 flashider and G&G stock. It's a great little rifle to run around with, although I'm toying with getting a Magpul foregrip or Deans and LiPo'ing it. Maybe after Christmas!
  3. H&K

    H&K Picture Thread

    I think this broadly counts as an H&K picture! My dinner table whilst trying to put together three different weapons from my many Classic Army G36-based pieces!
  4. H&K

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    That is a good question. Since I bought it off an Arnies member who did it himself, I honestly do not know. What I can tell you is it is rock solid and comfortable to use and was going for an awesome price!
  5. H&K

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My TM M4 S-System, as I currently use it. Not as small and pretty as the newer replicas I've been seeing, but I like it! Apologies for the awful picture, sadly the iPhone 3G is still the best camera I have! And yes, I do flip up the sights when I'm using it, honest!
  6. H&K

    Pics of your Gear

    I think you mean the P8. The P7 is an older design with a different shape and mechanism that the German police still use. The military use the P8.
  7. H&K

    Pics of your Gear

    Some nice stuff here! @Ging_thats_me I love the Rolex USP. That's some serious spending power you have there! Just a quick pic of the kit I took to play at RAF Cranwell and the S-System I got back from Airsoft Armoury today. Can't wait to get into airsoft when I get back up to university. David
  8. H&K

    FN Picture Thread

    Just a couple quick pics of the work I've done to my M4 S-System with FN M16A4 metal body kit. Added thumbhole stock. Will get a better camera at some point though. I really need one! Cheers! David
  9. H&K

    Pics of your Gear

    Haha, this is true. My excuse is I'm in the middle of exams and all my flatmates have gone home. Since it's just me and my revision, I'm taking a few liberties. Believe it or not, I tidied it this morning. Like dressing up in my airsoft gear, it was yet another way to procrastinate! David
  10. H&K

    Pics of your Gear

    Just a couple pictures of my gear to make sure I've got enough for a skirmish. Since the last one I've gone to was back in Feb 08, I couldn't remember what I had! It's now time to get back into it all, so I'm sorting out what I need and plan to get rid of what I don't! Apologies for the poor quality, and Myspace-esque pics. I really need to buy a camera! Kit List Converse Warrior Tan 8" Ebaybanned MC Combat Pants w/ Crye Precision tan knee pads 5.11 Coyote TDU Belt Crye Precision Combat Shirt Gen 1 w/ CP tan elbow pads Under Armour Tan t-shirt Green Craghopper microfleece Damascus MX-30 gloves Bozzer Belt in MultiCam 2 x On Patrol rectangular drop-leg molle rigs. On Patrol dump pouch On Patrol upright GP pouch On Patrol single pistol mag pouch On Patrol Rolly-polly dump pouch Condor GP Pouch Flyye Coyote Fast Attack Plate Carrier 4 x On Patrol double Mag pouches Blackhawk Serpa Colt 1911 RH holster Militarynames.com MultiCam velcro Union Flag ACM MLI velcro patch ACM tan bungee sling Tan Shemagh 5.11 fleece hat Future additions: Oakley SI gloves in Tan (lost one of the Damascus ones) My black Oakleys are amazing, might as well complete the set! Blackhawk Serpa Colt 1911 holster (LH) - To go on the left drop-leg MC Admin (need to fill the top of the FAPC when the Serpa goes Holster for my USPc Feel free to criticise and comment! David
  11. H&K

    Pics of your Gear

    Fair point. I got mine in TK Max for £25. I count myself pretty lucky Ivan, that is a nice jacket. Might have to pop over to UR-Tactical and have a look at them. Now you just need some MultiCam name patches
  12. H&K

    Pics of your Gear

    I wish my Levi's were that cool! Although, come to think of it, they have lasted for over 5 years of reasonable use. More than any of my other trousers... Perhaps its just quality showing through.
  13. H&K

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Lol. Snap Lasairiona! I have exactly that gun, though I only have one... H&K
  14. H&K

    What's your backup?

    My 'new' favourite, though I've had it for a couple years... WA 5" IED with 150% recoil spring and hammer spring. Recoils like a beast on green in the summer . Thats why I only ever fire a couple shots at a time (only got 2 mags for it) ...It really shouldn't be allowed to take that sort of abuse... H&K
  15. H&K

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    My M4. Built from a myriad of spare parts from all sorts of guns. Silencer is off my SL9. H&K

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