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  1. No, it's a G&G Armaments stock I bought in 2006 or 2007. Here it is in a photo I took from those days when it was on my S-System. However it seems that Madbull have made a copy of the same stock as G&G did back in the day. From what I can see of the Madbull one, it seems to be exactly the same. Hope that helps!
  2. A couple quick pictures of my two AR15 derivatives. First the TM M4 S-System with its nice FN bodykit and custom stock I bought off the forums. Nothing else added to it bar a tighter inner barrel and stronger spring. The other is my built-from-parts armalite. I believe it would classify as an M733, but anyone please correct me if I'm wrong! It used an SRC M4 as a donor, but has a Systema gearbox and motor, G&P M16A2 body kit, 11.5" barrel, tighter inner barrel, Magpul MIAD grip, Noveske KX3 flashider and G&G stock. It's a great little rifle to run around with, although I'm toying with
  3. A pic of my table earlier this week as I put together my CA8-2 and CA36K for sale, as the parts had all got mixed up over the years. Secondly a picture of my CA36C in the last setup I'd used it. I was thinking of selling it along with the other two, but having played with it again, I'm not so sure...
  4. I think this broadly counts as an H&K picture! My dinner table whilst trying to put together three different weapons from my many Classic Army G36-based pieces!
  5. That is a good question. Since I bought it off an Arnies member who did it himself, I honestly do not know. What I can tell you is it is rock solid and comfortable to use and was going for an awesome price!
  6. My TM M4 S-System, as I currently use it. Not as small and pretty as the newer replicas I've been seeing, but I like it! Apologies for the awful picture, sadly the iPhone 3G is still the best camera I have! And yes, I do flip up the sights when I'm using it, honest!
  7. A photo from April at my first game since early 2008. Glad I held onto my Multicam! The day started incredibly windy with showers every 15 mins, hence the extra layer, shemagh and cap. Normally I wouldn't wear that much! This photo was taken in June at the last game I did. There isn't much of a loadout on display as I'd run out of primary mags so dumped the plate carrier and just took my Bozzer Belt, which is obviously the sneaky-sneak man's loadout Sadly, on my first attempt to get some kills I wasn't sneaky enough. I think it's a great picture though! Cheers
  8. Haha, well for me it was definitely cheaper than getting anything vaguely water-resistant in Multicam! OD and black weren't really an option at the time, but perhaps in the future I'll change my mind.
  9. I think I would hardly call it 'brown', but it is accurate to the "ME Brown" that TAD use. Personally I'd say it is just slightly different to Tan as you can see compared to my belt buckle and pistol mag pouch.
  10. Good review and good to see some realistic recommendations! I got mine in "ME Brown" from EBAirsoft or Ebaybanned as it was back in 2008. When airsofting it is mainly worn as a second layer above my Crye Precision Combat Shirt and underneath a plate carrier or battle belt loadout. Since I have been away from airsoft between 2008 and 2011, it has been used tirelessly as a lightweight waterproof which is highly collapsible and packable to and from uni and around Glasgow without being too warm or cumbersome. It's great for when the weather is warm, but could rain at any moment. Something that
  11. I think you mean the P8. The P7 is an older design with a different shape and mechanism that the German police still use. The military use the P8.
  12. Some nice stuff here! @Ging_thats_me I love the Rolex USP. That's some serious spending power you have there! Just a quick pic of the kit I took to play at RAF Cranwell and the S-System I got back from Airsoft Armoury today. Can't wait to get into airsoft when I get back up to university. David
  13. Hello everyone! Just a quick picture of the pile o' MultiCam kit I took to RAF Cranwell for a small infantry exercise I was playing enemy for. We were told to bring dessie kit if we had any. Of course, I had to bring my MC gear! It held up wonderfully! I imagine "in-game" pics will be posted on a certain social networking site, I see if I can find them later. I didn't take my combat pants because they look so far from the norm people would have been a bit confused by them. Plus all the Regt guys might have taken the ###### a bit! I'll take them next time. I took some old chinese co
  14. Hmm, that grip is there simply so I don't lose it. I usually hold the front of the magwell with most of my rifles anyway. I just need something other than the iron sights, then it will be reasonably complete! David
  15. Haha, fair one. I like it because it's different. It's also really comfy to shoulder. The stock was custom-made by a member of this forum about five years ago. When it came up in the sales forum I just had to buy it. I was gonna use it for an SR-25 project, but that never materialised, so I dug it out just for fun last week. Sorry for the double posting pics, I meant to put another one up! David
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