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  1. Is it just me or did Mr. Jon's picture/post magically disappear?
  2. What pack is that? And where did you get woodland combat pants?
  3. @Kojak: A little late but is that the 1961g replica from ebairsoft? If so, how's the quality?
  4. Well I may have just come across a little extra cash so who knows! Thanks beta08, LOVE your loadouts by the way.
  5. Yeah that's what I figured as well. Plus, I saw some pictures of SEALs using it about 15 minutes after I asked . Are you referring to the 1961k? I saw that as well but unfortunately real deal LBT is waaay outside my price range.
  6. On the topic of LBT, I'm looking for a rig to use with a SCAR H and I was wondering if the 1961 pouches can hold a 7.62 mag? Thanks.
  7. Oh very cool, and inexpensive too! What is the advantage over a regular helmet light? The ability to position it as you need it I assume?
  8. @ Purvins and Blackweel! What is that thing on your FASTs? I've always wondered. It looks like comms but it is too high and not attached to anything. Is it a light? Sorry for the dumb question I've just always seen those doohickies on those side rails with no idea what they are.
  9. Are there any decent 6004 clones out there that hold an Army MEU?
  10. Picture request: woodland pouches over an RG rig. I searched through this thread and didn't see this combo however, my apologies if I looked right by it.
  11. Eh, if no replica FSP is available, I'd prefer to just take one for the team and use the MRE than start chopping other units. I'll keep that suggestion in mind though, thanks.
  12. does anyone make a replica Daniel Defense FSP? I've been liking that look a lot lately but don't want to go with an MRE as the bottom rail isn't continuous (I think...)
  13. Aw man! I guess I'll just call it a Pkekyo impression
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