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  1. I fear that may be a pipe dream there mate. Gas n BB in one removable shell? Brocock system? Illegal as owt..
  2. Put some wooden grips with medallions on that and it'd look identical to a very nice RS .45 I got my hands on a week or so ago
  3. While I agree that the WA M4 looks the business and is just about as close as you can get in airsoft to a real M4. I object to being charged the equivalent of a TM GBB for one magazine! I've been not paying real attention to the details until I found a link to Wolf.. £90 each!! Is there some new technology in these mags or is it just a complete urine extraction?
  4. Hehe, spot the airsofters room..The one with BBs in every possible corner!
  5. I own an LMF in black and I reckon it's a really nice knife. Only issues for me are the serrations make fine work a bit awkward. The inbuilt sharpener is effective and the blade is held nice n secure in the sheath even without the two straps, although that does mean that drawing it has to be done with care.
  6. Nice guns there Lord Sex Where's the battery kept in the SOPMOD with the 203? A lipo in the stock tube?
  7. My mums cat used to climb up your leg n sit on your shoulder. You could walk round the house with a furry parrot sat purring away into your ear..
  8. To all AKS owners who are sick of wobbly stocks Get a Trapper Industries One!! I've just fitted a Galil/Sako type to my TM AKS and its so solid it's unbelieveable! I'm aiming for a contractor/SF type look but retaining my real wood handguards and steering away from RRR* *RIS Rail Rape.. The act of adding vast amounts of RIS space to a gun just for the hell of it and spoiling the looks completely.. See also P90 Nitro Rails
  9. No, lock knives are legal to own but not to carry in public.. Automatic knives are illegal tho.. ie one that deploys via pressing a button or similar
  10. No you are not an Ostrich, no you are not mad, no you can't go home!!
  11. Have a look for ColdSteel, i think they've got some nice skeletonised knives Edit.. Link http://www.coldsteel.com/fighters.html
  12. Thats one of the types of knife I wana add to my collection, hence why I was poking round the Criminal Justice Act
  13. http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2004/20041271.htm The 2004 amendment to the CJA 1988, mentioning Stealth Knives... Though in all fairness it does exempt cooking knives
  14. Cheers Thobard/Dannyboy Did a bit of digging about and found that 'Stealth Knives' are another no no for us brits.. That is to say any knife made of anything like plastic/glassfibre
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