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  1. Looking forward to seeing more on that!
  2. Its not jut the risk of some muppet intentionally shooting it for me theres too much of an obvious risk that it bolts out into fire without being seen till the last second... bad call on whoever brought the dog (good case to have the dog removed from the owner) and looks equally as bad on the site for allowing it.
  3. Sounds like you do, but then the M&P looks and feels great, tempted to get a second keeping one stock (other than removing the safety) and customising the second... Having 7 of the real M&P's is a heavy investment, you must really enjoy shooting them (not that I would know anything about that living in the UK and I imagine even if I moved to the States it would be an absolute impossibility of owning one still).
  4. I had cycling issues with the stock parts last week,; nozzel seems to get stuck stopping the slide returning to full battery and occasional double feeds (think they may be connected). Added some silicone to the BBU hoping that stops it... now to tackle the leaking magazine!
  5. Random question, I was cleaning my M&P the other day and noticed (which I hadn't before) that I can rotate the slide breakdown leaver without half pulling back the slide, anyone else have this?
  6. Or keep the black and buy a FDE to compliment it
  7. Funny I went the other way selling a TM Glock for one of these. Most natural feeling Pistol I have owned
  8. Wow that looks great, an I normally do not like custom AR's... do you have a parts list?
  9. Nice, I am really looking forward to you showing how it looks in action... I am moving forward slowly with my own similar loadout (started planning it sometime last year!), this is the second version since selling off most of my kit; looking at buying a GBBR next year so now it is this and either a cheap tri-shot or an AEG borrowed off a friend (Waiting on a holster and APL clone too)
  10. Its tight but works well so far, bit tighter than the PX4 magazines I had but they fit unlike the Marui Glock ones. They do make different carriers though so I may not have the best one for these magazines. Had one of their roto holsters for the PX4, wasn't too bad did the job. Only tested in the house haven't been to a game yet and till I find a holster I am going to be using a BHI Omea leg holster.
  11. My new sidearm replacing a WE P228 and Marui Glock, got an APL type light on the way for it so just need to choose a holster
  12. My new sidearm replacing a WE P228 and Marui Glock, got an APL type light on the way for it and currently looking for a decent paddle holster, any suggestions?
  13. Looks pretty cool, been looking for ideas for a slick loadout like that based around that style of vest (I have it in black). Have you managed to field it yet? Would you mind poating up a quick list of the setup (although it probably isn't too hard to ID the parts). Great work! Chris
  14. Well you never know at this stage what upgrades may come out, replacement trigger packages may happen if they think there is a market for them (either for skirmish or IDPA performence upgrades), but for the more casual practical pistol matches that some sites are doing these days it could be a contender (time and experience will tell) by the sounds of it. Some Marui pistols do seem to have replacement parts available, Fire Support seem to regularly carry various bits for a number of Marui models but I guess its a case of what they can get their hands on when they are available through
  15. Ive been thinking about this as an option for practical pistol style competitions as a number of people have been comparing it favourably to Hi-Capas.
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