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  1. there some nice pictures. what setting/setup did you have your camera at when taking these
  2. i realise now photo shopping is a must, so what does everyone use to do there photos. i recently got cs4,but i think its got a few parts missing(say something about a colour palite,being missing when loaded),and its very complicated to use. well for me being a total noob at this it is. yesterday i got light room which seems alot easier but i know it doesnt have all the functions of cs4. should i try and get to grips with cs4 or just stick with light room until i know alittle more about what im doing
  3. it was the nikon 50mm f1.8 i was looking at buying,as the reviews say its probably the best 50mm for that price and even better than alot of more expensive lenses. i think that will be my next buy as its cheap,and im currently skint
  4. must be a camera month was recently bought a d90 with a kit lense(18-105mm) by the wife for my birthday. i took the plunge straight away and started shooting in manual,instead of auto.still trying to figure all the settings out though,as ive no proper camera/dslr experiance before,onlyused point and shoot cams. im already looking at buying a new lense,but im stuck between getting a 70-300mm lense or a 50mm fixed lense. i need to get a lense that can shoot closer than the kit lense aswell.
  5. bitchtits

    KJW M4

    been watching this thread for a bit now and im very temped to get one over the Wa type guns but.... -has anyone used on any where other than the US,idealy in a country alot colder,as the uk temps are alot lower. -is there anyway to reduce the fps,kits extra... the fps is way to high even on 134a gas for the uk sites.
  6. i dont understand why everyone is so hung up on the fps,the vsr the same out the box. learn some field carft ,or maby learn some field carft,then lastly learn somefield carft. if not then upgrade Mod edit: I wasn't going to say "learn some spelling", but you got it wrong 3 times in a row!
  7. bitchtits

    AGM M4 GBB

    how much has that all cost in total?
  8. bitchtits

    AGM M4 GBB

    what would i need to do to this to make it fire semi only ? i would like to make a semi auto DMR, but my site will only allow a gun that fires semi auto over 350fps(must not be able to fire auto in anyway)
  9. has anyone used one of these in game yet? i was considering buying one but have to say ive been put of after reading this thread,i may wait and see how they preform with some work or i may just buy a cyma and if it in the g&p stock do you all think the specialy designed motor will be able to handle hig fps set ups okay 400-500fps?
  10. bitchtits


  11. The thing that puts me of most is the rummours that star have stopped making the aw338,which would leave that and this gun without any upgrade/replacement parts should something breakl. I dont want to spend so much on a display gun should that happen,as ive already come across this problem with a custom rifle.
  12. bitchtits


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