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  1. What are the boots he's wearing? Thanks in advance.
  2. cant wait til im 18 to show up at this one.
  3. LOL Nice. Why do so many people wear PACA's underneath? IMO (which isnt well thought through) it just adds more weight and bulkiness.
  4. noice collection lovin' the 1911
  5. I heard rustoleum has a good camo can
  6. ah at least youll get that worn out look on it XD and yeah i just waisted like half a can of my brown camo to paint over some body armor.
  7. WOW, everything is awesome man. Major Kudos.
  8. lol just thought it was funny, unless that's what the name is susposed to be. Then its hilarious
  9. ohh okay, yeah I was looking for the same thing. Hendrix here might know what to get, he has an S- System painted to match MC.
  10. Yeah Cause I was wondering which should i get, Converse or Oakley. I think i might go with Oakley, but they are STILL on backorder... So Converse is meh back up plan. And yeah those gloves are look cool. I might get some in Tan.
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