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  1. Is that the Well G22? If it is, how is it?
  2. Actully i belive thats a KSC straight frame.
  3. Just incase you guys are interested here a video of the WE PO8 i found on youtube.. http://youtube.com/watch?v=p1-U5X6Sj5E
  4. The grips look great. But are they black and woodish color.
  5. How many bbs does it shoot at once?
  6. Just a heads up, ill be putting my my TM 1911a1 up for sale later this week. $95 shipped. -Luke
  7. What goes wrong without a TK spacer?
  8. I got word from one of my Chinese contacts that the spring K98K would be realesed next month... And the expected price will be $80usd
  9. The only things that really hapened in the last few week is... In school we started vollyball, I dont hate vollyball but id just rather do something like basketball or baseball. Also my mom got a new job shes going to working from 9am-2pm(she's an accountant). My Dad internvewied for a job if he get it he be quitting the company that he's been working for 25 years.
  10. Well yesterday i got a TM1911 being my usaual curious self i wanted to know how it worked so i opened up the frame and part GM1-46 fell out after an hour of figuring out where that part went in i finially got it in. Then not learning my lesson i opened up the slide. After takeing out the outer barrel and recoil springs out i desided to remove the blowback unit. First i unscrewed the back of it then i proceeded to prying it out, then some how a spring (GM1-15) got cuaght on the rear sight, the spring bended. When i finially got the blowback unit out i discovered the deformed spring then i proc
  11. Hkssr20det the gun is perfect. The grips just dont look that hot.
  12. Render is that a stock slide? or if it is not what kind is it?
  13. I thought you need the Tanio Koba spacer to put a 5.1 slide on a 1911.
  14. Whats that first one in pic no.6 and what kind of metal slide?
  15. I got this from shao14 not sure if its allready in this thread but what the heck I plan on ordering another revolver next week on friday. and of course... Mr. bob
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