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  1. I used a stock cqb one. What i noticed is that the accuracy is superior in semi compared to full auto. don't get me wrong you can hit a man sized target from far away, but it might take a few more bb's.
  2. I fit a guarder clear bucking into it and its fine. It just took a while to get it in.
  3. If you mod them they will be fine. For example you can tape the o-ring to get more shots, and tape the inner barrel against the hopup so it will be more accurate. I know the TM 1911 is better but I preferred the 1911 tactical, so I now have a WE 1911 tactical. BUT if TM would have made a 1911 tactical, MEU, kimber etc I would buy TM in a heartbeat.
  4. like everyone above, it looks like a fishermans vest to me. But man it does look more practical than i thought it would be.
  5. Had my first skirmish today, the battery was a 8.4 Volt, forgot the mah but its a small battery. It lasted me from 4pm-10pm. This thing is a beast compared to most AEGS. It shot straight and clean. I didn't have one problem with it.
  6. anime, i love it XD

  7. what is that part breaks again? it wouldn't be good for business
  8. I care because the nova kit is just too expensive. College students are not that rich
  9. how about the MEU? was there any estimated release date?
  10. I recently got the vfc scar too and I must say its nice, but don't fiddle with the stock too much because it gives the battery extra room to wiggle around. That being said I kept messign with it and it broke one of the female spade connectors.
  11. nice review, but i can only find the single stackers...where would you buy double ones?
  12. I can sure go for one of those. I have a old m4 clone thats in pieces, maybe this will help.
  13. evike is always trying to screw people over, if not in customer service than in expensive prices. I'll wait till some other shop sells them.
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