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  1. aw poo. I'd like to get me one.
  2. Pulng, where did you find that Daewoo K1?
  3. I like to use what works, looks cool, and is cheap....
  4. Some EA Gear FSBE replica....no clue what an FSBE is though.
  5. All my current loadouts. Australian Army, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, and Philippine Marines.
  6. sekiryu

    Seki's stuff

    See title.
  7. Japanese (JGSDF) Just missed an "i" "riku-jou-ji-ei-tai, to be specific. Apparently there's a store called Royal Tiger Gear that has some replicas, but they're not quite as authentic as other replicas.
  8. sekiryu

    ITC M4 Range 2

    Do they not train you guys on irons anymore?
  9. We have a floater. Please vacant the vicinity immediately.
  10. The hamon doesn't look like real clay-tempered..... I'm torn between a KSC G19 and a Marui G17. KSC is cheaper, but I want the recoil and robustness of the TM--but I like '19s better
  11. The package that was supposed to contain my JGSDF body armor contained 4 doll wigs
  12. A few months ago, I use my debit card to pay for a game at Best Buy--and I had to sign up for one of those stupid "free" subscriptions to a magazine. They didn't bother to tell me that at the end of the trial period, they would automatically bill my *fruitcage* account!
  13. ADVACNED, lol. Copyright issues? Never stopped Marui....or VFC....
  14. I did--it wouldn't fit Or was that when I tried to fit the real barrel in the Maruzen....
  15. You can't just refil it with baby powder yourself? That's lame.
  16. I think the only holidays I get are the ones that they're required by law not to make you work on.
  17. Which is what I plan to do if negotiations fail by Monday.
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