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    I tried registering on Begadi so I could order, but the only country listed under "u" was the UK.
  2. sekiryu


    It doesn't look like Begadi ships to the US Darn, those chest rigs looked nice too.
  3. sekiryu


    Well, I ordered these....probably not 100% accurate but they'll work.
  4. I like to use what works, looks cool, and is cheap....
  5. sekiryu


    Well aren't we picky I can only find them on ebay for $10 a pop. I'll stick with my $2 flag that works just fine.
  6. sekiryu


    Change the flag? To what?
  7. Some EA Gear FSBE replica....no clue what an FSBE is though.
  8. All my current loadouts. Australian Army, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, and Philippine Marines.
  9. The day artistry has guidelines to be considered "artistic", is the day art no longer exists.
  10. Ah, I've been doing it wrong. I tried Gaussian Blur set to lighten/screen, but everything would be blurry.
  11. sekiryu


    Rank slides are that big?
  12. sekiryu


    What the hell is this thing on the front of the jacket
  13. How'd you do the lighting with the M60?
  14. sekiryu


    I just got my AUSCAMs in the mail today and just ordered a giggle hat.....but, I have to ask, why do they call them giggle hats?
  15. Made it in Photoshop ages ago.
  16. Droplegs/thigh holsters would probably be best.
  17. What's the best type of holster (inexpensive) for the 1911? I've got a UTG dropleg, but the pistol almost falls through.
  18. I'll occasionally get lucky and find something on Ebay. If you can find an Asian or Filipino retailer it should be easy to track down.
  19. Thankya. Philippine Marine pattern, in case anyone is wondering.
  20. sekiryu

    Seki's stuff

    See title.
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