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  1. Typewriter

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    Now with the Zoxna!
  2. Typewriter

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    Painted the regular mag OD too. I bought a Zoxna Mini Grenade Launcher, will post pics when it arrives!
  3. Typewriter

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    That's so nice! Makes me miss my old Marui Nambu Taisho -springer
  4. Typewriter

    Artistic Airsoft

  5. Typewriter

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    Whoo-ah! Ha!
  6. Typewriter

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    AGM StG 44, stock has been redone with coloured lacquer and battery compartment has been drilled larger to house a 9,6v stick -battery. Also some scritch scratch on the metal parts, and a repro Kar 98k -sling on the way.
  7. Typewriter

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    Newest setup. Shells are not in the picture, only one clicker-shell.
  8. Typewriter

    H&K Picture Thread

    SRC XM-8 Gen. 3! The Tactical Salmon!
  9. Typewriter

    Galaxy Barrett M82

    The Galaxy G31(D) is a new cheap Barrett that is a welcome change in this class of rifles. It's almost all plastic (the only metal part being the barrel), really lightweight and easily manouverable. It shoots 120 m/s out of the box, and uses internals that of an A&K SVD (or so I inspected). The co2 conversion for that gun should fit in here. The humongous beast only weights that of a MP5, just 3 kilos. You can actually use this Barrett effectively in a skirmish, it's just as easy to carry around than, let's say, a VSR-10. The barrell goes off by taking one screw off and then twisting counter clockwise and pulling. You beed to do this to adjust the hop up. I set the hop for 0,28 gram bb's, and it shoots surprisingly far and is pretty accurate. The magazine is huge but only takes in 25 bb's. There's an empty space for reserve bb stash or co2 capsules in case you need them. The manual also points this out. Even though the gun is plasticky and light, it's sturdy and won't squek or wobble one inch. The cocking lever ain't stiff and hard to pull like that of an spring SVD, it's really easy to use. Just over a 100 bucks this is a steal. A truly epic spring rifle by Galaxy, bravo!
  10. Typewriter


    Does this belong here?
  11. Typewriter

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    I bought a tactical light on the rail in the end of the gun, and a sling with shell-holders (filled with Marui shells, which don't go in this gun but look cute as buttons). This is now well over a thousand euros gun.
  12. Typewriter

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Dog Green 1, what brand of paints do you use? All your work is amazing!
  13. Typewriter

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    True, but I already run mine on a regular large type -battery. The lipo must be extremely small to fit in the battery compartnment (it's pathetic how tiny it is, really).
  14. Typewriter

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    I decided to do a little paintjobs to the drum magazine and red dot -sight. Since all my other accessories on this gun are Olive in color, I thought it would look cool if the rest were too. First I applied masking tape to areas I didn't want any paint to go: Then I applied the first coat of paint, and let it dry for a couple of mins. Then second, third and fourth (many thin layers evenly): Then after the parts were dry I removed the masking tape and assembled all the little unpainted parts back together: The Olive is somewhat darker in reality, my phone's camera brightens everything up.
  15. Typewriter

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I was young and wanted to be creative but I had little skill and no patience to finish anything, but I had fun tinkering stuff.

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