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  1. Real-steel history: The Heckler & Koch UMP (short for "Universale Maschinenpistole") is a submachine gun chambered in .45 ACP, and is developed as a cheaper, lighter variant for the Heckler & Koch (later HK) MP5. Boasting more stopping power because of the larger caliber, and a slower cyclic rate to keep things in balance (.45 kicks a lot compared to 9 mm), the UMP is favoured by US Customs and Border Patrol. Airsoft-variant history: The first airsoft UMP I was introduced was the Guay & Guay (later G&G) UMG (short for "Uber Machinegun, lol), back in 2008 (if my
  2. Painted the regular mag OD too. I bought a Zoxna Mini Grenade Launcher, will post pics when it arrives!
  3. That's so nice! Makes me miss my old Marui Nambu Taisho -springer
  4. AGM StG 44, stock has been redone with coloured lacquer and battery compartment has been drilled larger to house a 9,6v stick -battery. Also some scritch scratch on the metal parts, and a repro Kar 98k -sling on the way.
  5. Newest setup. Shells are not in the picture, only one clicker-shell.
  6. SRC XM-8 Gen. 3! The Tactical Salmon!
  7. Marui Deagle with Altamont wood grips:
  8. The Galaxy G31(D) is a new cheap Barrett that is a welcome change in this class of rifles. It's almost all plastic (the only metal part being the barrel), really lightweight and easily manouverable. It shoots 120 m/s out of the box, and uses internals that of an A&K SVD (or so I inspected). The co2 conversion for that gun should fit in here. The humongous beast only weights that of a MP5, just 3 kilos. You can actually use this Barrett effectively in a skirmish, it's just as easy to carry around than, let's say, a VSR-10. The barrell goes off by taking one screw off and then twisting c
  9. Typewriter


    Does this belong here?
  10. I bought a tactical light on the rail in the end of the gun, and a sling with shell-holders (filled with Marui shells, which don't go in this gun but look cute as buttons). This is now well over a thousand euros gun.
  11. Dog Green 1, what brand of paints do you use? All your work is amazing!
  12. True, but I already run mine on a regular large type -battery. The lipo must be extremely small to fit in the battery compartnment (it's pathetic how tiny it is, really).
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