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  1. Happy Birthday to our Beloved MK! And it's my bday too today....hehehe
  2. good thing someone manage to replace the PB
  3. BTT.... My Khyber... More pics here: FILAKAIRSOFT.NET
  4. IDF using ACOG Hah! with bipod BUT re: Piston Discourage 'bout the findings
  5. nope Picatinny Rail for Tavor 21 Rifle mp5 maybe used with modification but not sure yet 'til my tavor arrive
  6. with eotech: https://www.dlaskarms.com/images/P1010983%201.JPG
  7. hmmnn...I hate m4 magz but I think I'm going to get one.
  8. lol....thanks left is WE and right is RS
  9. No plan at all, just look the images from my site, picture speak louder than word.
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