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  1. The mag release is much stiffer than the KSC. It doesn't take TOO much force to release it, but its an improvement over the KSC. And I should mention that the sights are NOT adjustable. They aren't molded on, but they are not adjustable. The manual even says fixed front/rear sight.
  2. On July 22nd, the Hong Kong retailer UN Company put on its facebook page an advertisement for the Umarex H&K Mk23. Available for $180 USD and spare mags at $40 USD. Ordering - After seeing the advertisement on Facebook for the pistol, I put my order in on Saturday July 23rd for the Mk23 and one spare magazine. "Why don't you order domestically from the United States" some may ask. At the time, AirsoftGI was still on "Pre-Order" and many other retailers had not yet listed it. So I receive confirmation of my order the same day on Saturday a couple hours later. I then send my payment via
  3. KWA Mk23 is making its way from HK to my home. Can't wait for it to show up!

    1. -Clover-


      ...your profile says you're in the U.S. Why didn't you just order it domestically?


    2. MrM60


      I order from ehobby all the time and I live in the US.

    3. -Clover-


      as do I, but only for things that aren't available here...


  4. Joined the club just recently. Systema PTW M4 MAX *Real* Daniel Defense 9" Omega RIS *Real* Surefire M951 *Real* ARMS #40-L BUIS Clone EO-Tech 551 Clone TD Stubby Addition of spare uppers and a pile of mags puts it close to 2k. =P
  5. Bleaumaglite

    KJW M4

    There are other GBB systems out there bud. You made the choice to get a KJW and should have known well about the hopup dial placement before your purchase. Why is it there? Its easy to adjust, unlike the WA system where you would have to remove the front handguard. And the rubber band keeps the piston cup from stretching too far and slipping off the piston.
  6. Bleaumaglite

    KJW M4

    The military also evaluated the XM8 and SCAR series for use by our armed forces, but none of them passed trials. The M4/M16 wont be replaced for a long time... And yes, superlube is EXCELLENT for KJW GBBRs. You only need to apply it to the piston cup and piston. And yes, silicone oil is too runny. But SuperLube is a gel, it wont run all over the internals of your gun. And if your KJW is still giving you too many problems, PM me and I'll buy it off you.
  7. Redwolf now has this guy in stock. I really want to get one. And right now I'm having to choose between this, or a buddy's Inokatsu M60E4 >.<
  8. Awesome comparison. The real and airsoft version are both on my "to-buy" list.
  9. Bleaumaglite

    KJW M4

    Samuel, get a SPR or any sort of M16 length front end. Order a T-Hum M16 length tightbore and be sure to mod the M16 outer barrel correctly. A M4 + a scope does not make it a DMR. Especially seeing the KJW M4 inner barrel only goes until the front sight.
  10. I'm super tempted to pick up one of the EA Custom versions of this gun. Are there any reviews of the metal slide kit yet? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/eac-marui-px4-storm-cnc-custom.html
  11. Sold off a lot of stuff and bought a Systema PTW! Samson STAR-M 9 inch Mid-Length Rail w/ LaRue Index Clips G&P ACOG ARMS #40L Rear BUIS TangoDown Vert Grip Daniel Defense Sling Swivel Magpul Foliage Polymer Trigger Guard
  12. Bleaumaglite

    KJW M4

    T-Hum can make you any length barrel that Madbull produces. I had a 503mm one (which is M16 length). It stuck out from the flash hider a couple millimeters, so I put an OPS suppressor on it.
  13. Bleaumaglite

    KJW M4

    It requires minor modification to the barrel, but thats the exact kit I put on my KJW.
  14. Bleaumaglite

    KJW M4

    Damn. Looks like I sold my KJW at the wrong time then...
  15. Just ordered one in Foliage from AirsoftGI. Cant wait until it gets here
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