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  1. minger? please. you should see some of the birds I've slept with... wait, my inner monologue appears to be turned off...
  2. yep dammit, forgotten how sexy the a3 is...curse you, sh0ty...
  3. He's Using der trees! :D

  4. post deleted at request of manufacturer. damn shame, as they were indeed beauty made multicam...
  5. out of interest, and it may be too early to say, but have you found out if the CA aug suffers from the same design flaw as the marui iwith regards to the feed nipple? just wondering if anyone has started noticing their CA aug misfeeding, as this is the only thing that prevents me from buying another aug- I had a TM aug a1 and loved it, until the misfeed issue developed.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's the solution he's going with. anyway, moving on...
  7. so what do you put it down to then? just a crummy gearbox?
  8. Dusk- with regards to the performance out of the box- I assume you're referring to an inadequate hop unit (at least in comparison to the scary good m14 one)- is this sassumption correct, or is the barrel more the issue?
  9. hmm, methinks that shellholder be made from tape, me hearties... bloody good job though
  10. fishsquatch- where did you find an m500? been looking for one for a hella long time, and would appreicate some insight
  11. exactly how much space for batteries does the ag36 allow when fitted to a g36? does it reduce the already needlessly small size any further? just trying to work out what look to go for next...
  12. god, I'm so tempted by one of these... will go rather nicely with an mp5k and a brace of pistols... wonder if anyones attempted to jerry-rig a holster up for this puppy yet...
  13. hmm. Am confused- the shotty at speedytoys is by a company called Huan San- bit too close to Hudson for my liking- and retails at significantly less than the TW one at TMC- don't suppose one of you who owns the TW would mind having a look at the speedytoy one and telling me if its the same as yours? I can't imagine it is, but buttocks crossed all the same
  14. ok, I'm getting one too just stumbled onto speedytoy and they've got them for $199- shall be placing an order next week! I've been wanting a sawn off shotty for ever, and now, finally, one exists that does its evil reputation justice- ah, airsoft, british bank robber style better go buy myself a balaclava and an old army jacket... oh damn- tokyo-model have the Marushin m500 8mm in... pump action or sawn-off, pump action or sawn-off... pump action will get the sawn off next month... the masterkey project lives!!!
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