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  1. not had a proper shufty on here for a good while. i'm relatively new and have a fox of teh dessert pistol. only been to the odd airsoft event over the last decade or so. i recognise some of the old crew (but whatever happened to r22master, antagon, crazy_harry and TaQ? answers on a postcard plz ;) )
  2. might as well throw my 2 cents in here (considering that i was the one originally suggested and instigated the rule when i was a moderator back in '07 or so) the 100 post rule was set up back then as at the time there were a multitude of scammers turning up, putting items for sale and then fleecing members out of money and magically disappearing. back then the forums were quite busy and social media sites were in their infancy and with the vcrb clamping down on people buying and selling airsoft items without a valid defence, steps had to be taken in order to protect members from being ripped o
  3. just a few bits i still have in the filing cabinet from back then....
  4. ohhhhhhhh....... verra nice!
  5. yup. sadly no longer have it (still got the spas mind ....)
  6. me and my spas 12 folder from 5 years ago (and yes, the shepherds crook is braced beneath my forerarm
  7. very nice... making me regret selling mine now hwagan
  8. hmmm, thought i'd stuck some pics up of my latest SPAS 12 folding stock shottie. Ah well, soon fix that only thing missing is the cover on the front pump, but if i can get ahold of a smokeys foregrip again (like i used to have) won't really matter and finally a picture of the "Twins"
  9. how difficult was it to mod the top folder onto the benelli? was thinking of doing this with an old remington top folder too mine.
  10. you say that guy getting raped in the bushes thats you that is lol

  11. loving the folding stock bud! really changes the look of the gun hope you're gonna put a "How-to" up in the Tech section as i'd be interested in doing something similar
  12. you would have to put the pic with me on dressed as Bill... ¬_¬ and me again in the hi-vis jacket Marshalling
  13. thought this was "pictures of shotguns thread"? not discussion of "what makes a weapon specific thread?"
  14. strange question (wish i'd kept my m870 folding stock now ¬_¬ ) the G&P Pistolgrip w/folding stock for the CA870/M870 are they compatible with the Marui or DE clone M3 shotties? I remember the grip attached to the shottie via a bolt (bit like the pistolgrip of the M3 shorty) just wondered if there'd be much work to do hollowing the grip out to make it fit the Benelli or whether it would be a straightforward fit (wishful thinking i know )
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