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  1. Anyone got any details on silencers and extended barrels that will work with this kit? Thanks in advance.
  2. feels raped after eating cloned chinese takeaway.....

  3. I hated mine. The strap position sits right across your ears and isn't comfortable for long periods. Also I was worried about how secure the lens sat/were held to the frame.
  4. Can you tell me if there is a clip on the back of the handset to clip it on to molle or a strap on a vest. How is it attached to yours in the photos above? Also can you hear someone trying to contact you with out the handset being at your ear, ie can the volume to turned up high enough to hear it where it is attached to your webbing?.
  5. Did say the G&P, not WA. If it makes it any diffrence?
  6. Searched the web but to no avail. Anyone got any links for the Co2 mags to fit the G&P family. Anyone got any feedback on them from use?. Are they as heavy as the GBB mags?. Thanks in advance.
  7. No not PR1, Stirling. Seriously out in the sticks at night, well away from roads where an ambulance can get to you, in winter. You still say you won't spend a couple of quid on one or did you spend all your money buying copies of the Football Factory on DVD to watch repeatedly?
  8. The respect I had for you fella just went flying out the *fruitcage* window........ Take it you don't do 24hr milsim events at night in winter in a large game area?? (Stupid question, cause I know you do). Think before you speak springs to mind, prat. Someone falls down a bank and gets an open fracture in the leg in near freezing temperatures lets say. By the time someone gets help, the ambulance arrives (a while in the mountains of Wales lets say) your telling me something (as pointed out can be bought for a near on a quid) weighs virtually nothing and takes up even less room isn't
  9. You got me.........what the *fruitcage* is a "IFAK" ?
  10. Still don't see space blankets in these kits? I know of someone who died from shock after an motorcycle accident, might have been avoided if one of these was available. These cost and weigh virtually nothing and will take up very little space in your kit.
  11. The 5.11 Molle First Aid pouch is the best I've seen for field carry. Fit's nicely on the side panel of most plate carriers. Can go on your back but you loose valuable time taking the vest off to get to it if your first responder with no one else around to access it for you. Make sure you add eye wash to your first aid kit. Exploding grenade fragments and shattered BB's through mesh goggles/specs is a regular occurance in my experience. Also a heat reflective foil space/hyperthermia blanket could well save a life if someone goes in to shock. Asprin will also help you and your team mates
  12. 4 of our 32 at Ambush's Longmoor Weekender. MOD Longmoor 2006 AI advert shot for Airsoft Armoury, taken at Electrowerkz London.
  13. Hi Arnie Did try and send a PM before but your inbox was full as it is now. Could we please request a sub forum (attached to "Electrowerkz (Firefight)" forum) or a new password protected forum for the Electrowerkz Marshalling team and site staff? Forum admin would be 'Janno'. Many thanks Charlie
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