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  1. It did in the beginning as the ring that's supposed to sit flat against the upper receiver threads isn't welded/machined onto the outer barrel. This was remedied by shimming the portion of the barrel that slides into the upper receiver with scotch tape (I think I needed like 4 layers around). Now it sits very tight and absolutely no wobble. It's solid. I love how beefy that barrel is though.
  2. Looks like he's running a Knight's M4 Sniper/Match rail over a 16" barrel with a PRI flip up FSP/gas block. Pretty much what I run. hahaha Mine has a King Arms M4 Match/Sniper RAS, CA PRI front flip up, PDI 16" heavy outer barrel, and a Troy medieval flash hider.
  3. Ranger_Captain: Why are all your ammo pouches on your strong side? Do you go by the old combloc doctrines of "one hand for everything?"
  4. Hydre- What made you want to go with an Mk. 4 M1 rather than a Mk. 4 M3?
  5. Don't get one. The stock is stupid on the LR300. Overall it's not very well designed imo.
  6. Sorry Danke, that's not the Megaforce that the Megaforce lower is referring to. I know what Megaforce is... Anyways, on topic: Here's my AR w/ EO Tech 552.
  7. Trusty ol 226 and trusty ol Krylon.
  8. 16" General Purpose AR. The perfect compromise for long range and closer engagements. -G&P M16 base gun -King Arms KAC M4 Match RAS -Magpul MIAD grip -CA Crane stock -PDI 16" outer barrel -JBU Troy flash hider -Tango Down VFG -CA Front flip up sight -TM 300m KAC flip up sight -EO Tech 552 -Viking Tactics 2pt sling (amazing sling)
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