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  1. Evan Levesque

    SIG Picture Thread

    That's actually an accurate representation of an old style SIG frame (non-railed) and a new style SIG slide (Milled Steel and External Extractor). If you fit an older style slide on that frame it will be flush, but the newer slide is just a bit shorter like that. This is because the older slide was rounder in the back as opposed to the newer one. The real gun is like that. Older frame, newer slide. That's how many Navy pistols were manufactered. My real SIG has that same 'step' by the hammer...
  2. Evan Levesque

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Sexy PPK Romulus!!!
  3. Evan Levesque

    SIG Picture Thread

    Does anybody own the KSC SIG P226? Lookin` for pics of that gun. Especially a side view with the slide locked back. It doesn't seem this gun is very popular, but it's pretty cheap at E Hobby Asia ($85 plastic, $137 w/ metal slide)
  4. Evan Levesque

    SIG Picture Thread

    Nice gun quiksilver, what non-rail kit is that? I've been looking for an older style SIG everywhere, can't find one... Evan
  5. Evan Levesque

    SIG Picture Thread

    Wow!! Where could I get my hands on those metal slide & frame kits? How much do both of them cost? How is the fitting process? Are they tight when completed? Very respectfully, Evan

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