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  1. Cool, I'll try out a few things along those lines and see if it helps. Watch out next time you dry fire that gun, you've got a BB in the chamber EDIT: Just tried it out using my go-to airsoft gap filler, Velcro. I tested out a few different set-ups, and was pretty pleased with the results. I still had a few mags (one G&P worked, one didn't, MAG plastic still fed most of the time) that didn't want to feed reliably, even if I added enough material that the mag wouldn't even click in, but overall, it was a big improvement for most mags. I'll add this as a possible solution to the review,
  2. Awesome, snap a quick pic if possible, and I'll try it out. If it ends up working for me, I'll add it to the review, credited to you of course.
  3. What/where in the back of the magwell did you pack? That would be a much simpler solution than mine for the feeding issues, haha.
  4. Thanks for the shoutout to my review. The only other thing to note, which I mentioned in the review, is that some midcaps still don't feed properly after opening up the magwell slot, due to them not being held high enough up against the hop-up unit. How I fixed this temporarily was to add some tape in the top of the magazine's mag catch hole to bring it a little higher into the gun. I'm experimenting with adding some plastic onto the mag catch itself so that you don't have to mod your mags.
  5. New pics with bipod attached: The chopped mag is fully functional now, and holds about 150-200 rounds.
  6. Internals are decent. A fluke jam caused a broken cylinder head, so I decided to totally redo the box. New piston, type 0 cylinder, cylinder head, M120 spring, metal bushings, metal spring guide, 9.6v nunchuk, Firefly bucking with H nub, and 509mm DB customs 6.01mm tightbore are all on the way. Should be a halfway decent DMR when I'm done. Stock, it fired smoothly, about 320 fps, with decent accuracy and range.
  7. Externally chopped the mag, still need to chop the hicap internals for my XM8 DMR. Internals are still in progress, to the that's why the trigger is MIA.
  8. Here is my Well XM8 in it's various iterations, Marksman and Grenadier: Marksman w/ 509mm barrel. Soon will have chopped mags and bipod. Grenadier:
  9. Here's my new MultiSham loadout. Full Crye cut BDUs, maritime CIRAS, shooters cap, all in replica MC, tan shemagh, CAOC patch, flakjaks, and Echo 1/CAW M1014 w/ replica 551, and TSD shells/holder. I also have boots and gloves, but they're not pictured. It's not a specific impression, but it works well for my environment and weapons set.
  10. Here's my new Echo 1/CAW M1014 shotgun:
  11. ^^Yeah, you can see it in the third pic. Literally the front half of some vehicle... Odd, I know...
  12. Probably the greenest desert field you will ever see Most of the cover is natural, but there is a boat (wierd), half a car, some bunkers we have installed, assorted furniture, camper shells, etc... People like to use our legal field as a public dump... Oh well, makes it interesting and new every time we play!
  13. The new ride The old rides: Just kidding, that was my old job though. Valet at Ferrari dealership = Fun job!
  14. @Jack: Yep, the football goes in the mortar. I like my standalone setup too, it gets the job done nicely! @hellsangel: Thanks, some people think the can is too long, but I think it's perfect.
  15. Well XM8 w/ XM203 and ACM 551 DBoys M4SD w/ XM203 and ACM 551 TSD/UHC Spring revolver w/ BSA RDS Here's my standalone 40mm launcher: Here's my mortar: And here's what it does to coke cans! JG G36 Galaxy MP5k PDW
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