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  1. The top RIS basically clamps onto the sight mount already on the gun by using screws.
  2. Hedg, you've got a talent with words ey It's just a piece of pipe with bubble-wrap on the inside, 'silencer' makes more of a boom sound though
  3. Could always gaffatape a bit of rag on the end.
  4. HERE CLOSE UP Fingers crossed the links work, it's real steel furniture
  5. Well now you know it works, knock yourself out.
  6. Dboys CASV yeah. Easy work to be honest, you just have to chop a little towards the rifle. Anyone know where to get an A2 style cocking handle? The black tri-angular one?
  7. Last time i checked up on here, putting my Aug up, it was a picture thread.
  8. Nothing new, JG and a nice little red dot. Simple and effective!
  9. Fin

    I bought a load of flak gear from him with no problems (except slow *albartroth* royal mail delivery)

    Thanks a lot :)

  10. Zmarre's post yes 1st shooter's no. It was a mistake, get over it. Going skirmishing this weekend so may have pics when i get back!!
  11. Just a 1 from googgle first page: http://www.trapperindustries.com/gunparts/index.html Hope that helps
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