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  1. Iirc there was somebody on Red alliance a time back from Finland that had access to all kinds of kit and parts and amongst it was the plum bayonet (and mags) If not (had it a while now, got a nice orange bakelite one as well), probably rus mil http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/cold_steel.htm
  2. Plum>Tactical Handguards and mag are RS conversions, got some real plum mags somewhere as well. Plum bayonet is real as well And genuine wear....and rust (lol) Drop in marui EBB gearbox when?
  3. Fin


    Deans in mine, plenty of room. Although my wiring is also damaged where it does not flex enough for the awkward fitment Also klh31 wins the thread
  4. Fin


    Might as well repost my Tar-21 as this thread is lacking in them Anybody got a stock retaining pin? Not that the gutter bolt is not working well
  5. Toilet photo but this will be my 'back into airsoft' ares Tar-21 Just needs a mosfet and some proper batteries, still can't decide between OD and black..........and a new receiver pin if anybody has one....
  6. Have the same rig and its excellent! Have changed that set up now so it has a pantac MBSS on the back and less a admin panel.
  7. I loved the look of the new bulle lightweight chest rig and bought it several minutes later, excuse bad pictures Loaded up with AK74 mags, added two TT mag pouches and a admin pouch (anybody know of a subdued EU patch?) and poked a few bits into one of the utility pouches Needs a hydro pack and radio next
  8. Bought some gear with no issues, cheers!

  9. Fin

    Bought some TT gear of he with no issues, many thanks

  10. Fin

    G36 Picture Thread

    Quick picture of the G36k mostly used by my brother before hopefully swapping it for a M14 Think a carry handle scope would top it off nicely but none the less i like it
  11. Easy trade, many thanks

  12. Great guy to deal with -good comms and good times!

  13. Easy transaction, many thanks :)

  14. Fin

    G36 Picture Thread

    What for? It looks so much nicer that way
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