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  1. Gil Hibben makes exceedingly nice knives; shame I cant get hold of a Jackal, that would make me a very happy bunny...
  2. Thread revival- hotlinking because I cant be arsed to upload the pictures to media fire for the sake of not hurting Moriquende's feelings..
  3. Entertainment center from heaven... I remember when my little sister got an N64- the controllers are horrid, but some of the games are pretty epic, as with the SNES as PS1... *fond childhood memories come rushing back....* I just got some new wheel hexes for my Tamiya Madbull- £9 for a pair, silly Japanese engineers insisted on using splines instead of the normal cross-pin method of attaching them, hence very rare and expensive, never mind, all good fun
  4. Now thats beautiful, in a somewhat grungy & slightly battered way....
  5. Loving Windows 7 Pro so far, so much prettier than XP, though I do have a few niggles to work out/ around. I've set the desktop to change the background every minute- pointed to a folder containing ~250 backgrounds, just awesome....
  6. Fairly recent: Seeing as my PC that I've had for a year was an 'emergency purchase' when my really old intel celeron system died, thought it was time to build a fairly decent rig that will last me for another decade or so Armageddon!
  7. Tough crowd huh? Okay, this should raise a few smiles then:
  8. I wanna play too! Made myself a make-shift lightbox using some large white towels; not exactly high tech but the end result is awesome by my usual standards ( just a little bit of retouching to remove the texture in a few spots ):
  9. Re: vainguard & aznriptide859- All the same, I disagree; small rifle + large scope = all kinds of epicness ( practicality is not in my vocabulary... ).
  10. The inertia overcame the friction between the rock and bottom of the container lorry you mean? Google the word 'pedantic'
  11. I've been wanting this book for ages in hardback, but alas it is out of print, so I settled for the paper back version. Cost me ~£30, but its a great read and the illustrations / computer renders are just stunning- lots of inspiring stuff if you're into futuristic vehciles and spaceships etc, highly recommend it.
  12. Cant that be adjusted in the browser itself ( an option somewhere to open all links in a new window or a new tab )? Its a little disorientating at first, but the new look is nice and refreshing. There does seem to be an issue with how posts display in IE7 though- works fine in Firefox though so it may just be me ( havent upgraded to IE 8 yet.. ).
  13. Ditto- thats a rather beautiful build. Cant help thinking it woud look nice with the Magpul AFG, given all the sext angles...
  14. Oooohh, thats nice. I've always liked Astras- what engine, 1.2L?
  15. Quick question since you guys will be able to give an honest (hopefully) opinion: How do the Magpul angled foregrip thingies work for you guys? I know when they first appeared there were mixed feelings about them ( from myself especially due to the way you have to grip them for long periods of time potentially ) but now they been out a while, how is everyone feeling about them- natural grip, feels fine, feels weird but you get used to it, omg my wrist of broked etc etc? Cheers.
  16. Yeah, sorry Hedganian, that did occur to me afterwards
  17. Death brand went out of business years ago I believe, but I did find their marketing campaign rather amusing- and honest I suppose Also:
  18. Congrats Doc- what upgrades do you have planned for this new addition to the arsenal?
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