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  1. How's that working. Explain please? Nice M16 - HOURAH ! speculator : nice M16 too. Isn't it heavy?
  2. Still nice M16A4. I have the very same next to me. A great rifle. There is nothing like 20" IMHO. Your photos would look better with a Humvee though My picture : All metal, 99% G&P and real furniture for the A1. The second M16 (the black one) is the Marushin cap fire reproduction. I don't know why Marushin chose such a dark black paint. My buddy artificially aged it with sand paper. It's a great rifle. He uses it for Vietnam reenactment in France. Thks for the comments. If you have questions, please use PM.
  3. I own the A1/M203 and once I attached the GL on my A4 but I found it was too heavy and it's not funny to remove and attach it every time. I prefer the way the A4 looks without it and I prefer the A1 with the GL. On the RAS I just have the handle, the PEQ2 and the PRR PTT.
  4. As there are connoisseurs let me entertain you with this picture (click for high res). Collection belongs to a friend and to me. AR15, M16A1 x 2 (G&P/Marushin), M16A2, Colt M16A3 (!) and M16A4 x 2
  5. Nothing on the forearm is indeed beautiful (as a weapon can be). My preferred rifle is the Colt M-16A2 with just a 2pts sling.
  6. For a realistic Infantry USMC grunt M16A4 (I think it's the aim here because of the Marpat cover helmet) there should be no BUIS. BUIS is very rare. I have seen only one M16A4 with BUIS if the ACOG is used. M4 users may have BUIS but still rare. Of course, using a BUIS wouldn't make it unrealistic because there are probably many users among troups but still, you would have a gun that is special and uncommon. I like that one. Hourah !
  7. MERCILESSPIT, nice gun. No BUIS for Marines with ACOG.
  8. USMC has bought all their M16A4 from FN USA though. At least that's what NAVY budget papers say since 2003 up to 2008. M16A2, M4 and M4A1 are all from Colt. Maybe there are some mixed up parts in the armory as they are compatible. If you can take a picture of a Colt M16A4 in the hand of a real Marine I would love to see that. Not that I don't believe you, but for my pleasure, as a USMC fanatic. Note that real FN M16 can have very dark purple color sometimes. (Out of topic : The green box is a wireless PTT for my PRR/Marconi radio. You press, it send signal of the voice. It's like
  9. Thanks for the comments. I own the M16 with the killflash and a friend owns the other one. Both airsoft and almost identical. The inner parts are completely different though. We use them for our modern USMC loadouts. We are infantry wanabees, so, our M16 should be identical for realism. All the M16A4 used by the USMC are from FN USA. Differences : - killflash - paracorde on the VFC PEQ2 - PRR wireless PTT - charging handle (SPR gas buster type on mine)
  10. Lordsex, if you have 10 days, then try to find M13 links for your M60's belt. Nice guns.
  11. eotech needs weathering as well.
  12. Thanks for your comments. The XM is in progress since late 2005. I will try to follow your directions.
  13. Artificially battle-worn 8-70 and CAR15.
  14. In the Saint Armalite users world, the word "CAR15" is used to describe a "Carbine AR15", ie a shorty AR15 (CAR15, XM-177, M653, 655,....). Can we post pictures of XM as well?
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