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  1. In other nerdy news, I have redesigned my mosfets to take advantage of the newer, smaller TVS diodes. To give you an idea of why this is good: Old diodes: New diodes: The new ones are rated to the same power dissipation and are literally a tenth of the size - they're about 10mm long, 6mm wide and 5mm thick. With some inventive positioning I've managed to make a fully protected 3034 based fet which is able to fit inside a V2 gearbox and is about the size of 3x 5p coins stacked on top of each other.
  2. Good to hear she's doing well. In other news I went to IKEA for furniture and picked up a box of KAKOR CHOKLADFLARN on a whim and *fruitcage* me sideways they're like chocolate heroin
  3. If you look at the Labour manifesto, they're only saying that they'll initiate a review of the council tax system and one of the options they are going to look at is a land value tax. Here's the relevant page: There is no plan set in stone to shift over to it immediately, but of course the pro-Tory media have launched into "LABOUR WANT TO STEAL YOUR MONEY" whilst ignoring the fact that the Tories are privatising the NHS and using taxpayer funds to do so. Here's the 'Naylor Report' that Theresa May was talking about: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/nhs-property-and-esta
  4. DarkLite

    CZ Picture Thread

    That's really nice with the squared off front end! 3D print?
  5. Make sure you use all the right buzzwords to get it trending: #organic #compostable #allnatural #biodegradable #freerange
  6. Thanks for the offers guys but I'm sorting it out by taking on extra work and I'm looking for a new job to jump ship ASAP. Unfortunately I can't take the boss *Ubar* to court because I'd just end up getting fired, along with the other worker in the shop who would end up possibly being deported and I won't do that to her.
  7. Got a bill today from my dentists. I had to cancel an appointment because I literally didn't have the money to pay for it, which they determined was not an acceptable reason for cancelling an appointment within 48 hours. So they have now sent me a bill: £10.48p for the appointment £50.00p cancellation charge £10.00p late payment charge And the threat that they will then send it on to a debt collection agency with an additional 25% on top if I don't pay within a week. Also, the previous tenant's gas company have demanded I pay for a month of gas and electricity that I didn
  8. I reckon it's ok because it's a near-100% clone.
  9. My mistake, I was going off pictures of the rounds outside the shells.
  10. I had a WE MP5 and bought a cheapo RIS foregrip for it, which turned out to be made to real steel spec and it would have needed fitting. In the end I sold it to a friend who had a VFC MP5 and got a CYMA RIS foregrip which was a drop in fit. TBH I thought this was a cracking gun, though the recoil spring needed a bit of a boost and I replaced the barrel and hop-up rubber on mine to eke out a bit more range and accuracy. I also put a shim in the nozzle as a flow reducer as the stock power was about 1.7J with greengas and HK temperatures (!)
  11. Droid, I can't imagine what you've been going through, I've had a *fruitcage* horrific time dealing with the bureaucracy in the DWP and local council and I'm only trying to get my JSA and Council tax exemption. This kind of thing is what happens when you start organising things in terms of quotas and targets. You either have to start seeing people as numbers or you get fired. It's a horrible state of affairs.
  12. You MONSTER No, they only work in special TAG launchers as they have a pseudo rifling thing on the shells.
  13. KYairsoft and get the WE XM177 handguards. They'll be RS spec though, so be prepared to mod them to fit TM EBBs and their wonky delta rings.
  14. I've seen a 12" bright purple jelly double-ender used in an M203 with a madbul co2 shell. Terrible ballistics but it took a chunk out of a tree.
  15. I legitimately miss some of the old crowd. Ah well. Also it was a total *suitcase* when Hissing_Sid got baleeted because he had a lot of really good technical threads showcasing some very nice homebrew mods, like that one where he converted an ambi MP5 lower to fit a G3 for his MSG-90 p- (USER DOUBLEBANNED FOR THIS POST)
  16. Is that for a recoil shock? Because if it isn't, that magazine shell hasn't been cut down nearly enough.
  17. You guys are doing great work. When I get some cash together I'll definitely get one of your deluxe kits and make a video review. What kind of pricing are you looking at?
  18. Did someone say Hissing_Sid Chocoglock? Because if someone is going to demand money from the whole forum to get my wife to make ludicrously overpriced glock shaped cakes, it's going to be M- (USER BANNED FOR THIS POST)
  19. CZ P09 is indeed the perfect pistol. The only thing I want for mine is an adjustable aperture rear sight and a fibre optic front sight. CZ Evo is pretty decent, the Amoeba series... less so. Lots of issues with their integrated mosfet units burning out with a stock gearbox and they tend to have very brittle gearbox shells at the front. Bad juju, since it's all proprietary.
  20. Most of us stick with LGBT+ or LGBTQ+ You know what else is ridiculous? That I could still, in 2017, get fired from my job, evicted from my home, blacklisted from working in certain industries, get refused treatment by my doctors, have certain rights removed or denied to me, or be straight up murdered in the street because of my sexuality.
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