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  1. fresh painted but not finish waiting for rail and cheek pad! best regards
  2. Hi @ all i didn t find a thread for tanaka so i post my question here! sorry in this days my 3 tanaka is on the way to me my ka hop up conversion an all g&g upgrades and my co 2 rig lays in my room from my old tanaka in my old tanaka i have installed the pdi 6,05 555mm this time i would install for better look ( i would converted to MK13) the g&g tango barrel so i need a 630mm innerbarrel i found a first/laylax pss10 6,03 625mm extra long for Vsr 10 has some budy experience with this barrel???is it worth or better get an normal 650mm psg1 barrel an drill/cut
  3. Many rangers SF or other guys work with 10,5 barrel
  4. RANGERS????Yes i think that rangers the color of the vest usw...
  5. YES but sorry for bad pics the light make the color ugly
  6. Noch Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Wünsche ich!!!

    MfG, Cerberos...

  7. sorry but KSK using Accuarcy Aw 300!!!!!! Psg 1 is used by BGS =bundesgrenzschutz Msg 90 not for germany!!!!!!
  8. Playing at area Veckring France not cant post all pics
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