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  1. Ain't true, unless they made a separate version for the AK round. The SCAR-H (Heavy) fires 7.62 x 51mm NATO, not the AK round, which is 7.62 x 39mm. I heard that FN was planning a 7.62x39mm version, but I'm not sure that anything came out of that project.
  2. Two questions to the guys who got the PDW. Does a M4 hopup chamber fit (like King Arms)? What is the inner barrel length?
  3. Colt 1911, TM, Guarder metal outer barrel and chamber.
  4. M16A3/4 Piantjob. New version has aimpoint on carrying handle, and mags painted in similar camo. Will post soon, when I have time to make the photos. Camo is shiny from the camera flash, no shine from sun glare etc...
  5. Does the JG/Echo1 M16A3/4 take a 9.6v large battery in the stock? Or only 8.4v?
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