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  1. Holy image reuse, batman! I'd like to assume its artistic since I took time to touch it up....kind of.
  2. Updated picture of my collection, sans my multireticle red dot and belarus mount.
  3. If you have the whole upper slide, yes. It looks pretty funky, but it works fine. As long as it's a TM Detonics and a TM M1911.
  4. Finally got my American Legend Grips. Had to file a little of the walnut off to make it fit the WE.
  5. Got my WE in today, a few minutes with steel wool and now all it needs are some American Legend Pachmayrs. Cookie to who knows what that pin is. (I never played the game, but gamestop gives good swag..)
  6. If I can recall: HFC M190 Special Force Semi Base Zeke Dolphin slide and barrel HFC Biohazard grips HFC M190 compensator rail attachment Tokyo Marui extended magazine Dremeled trigger
  7. TOGUSAAAA! D: VERY nice Renegadecow!
  8. If I remember, some use Russian rubber (?) tourniquets and wrap them around the stock.
  9. It's a STAR GP-30 I got here in the forums. It doesn't fit on my ICS AK74 (contrary to the picture), but friction and a little e-tape fixed that. It becomes more a super spread shotgun, rather than a concentrated burst of BBs. Madbull gold shells just barely stay inside the GP-30. However, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Also, to note: Nero, your picture did spark the whole weathering activity of mine. Yours looks great!
  10. Those CYMA mounts are great! It might have a problem being on center with the actual AEG, but I havent had that problem when I had one. Anyway, I weathered my AK on a whim, and I actually liked my results! I used Steel wool and skimmed Guinness' guide for reference. '
  11. Yeah, and if you look at the picture they gave, you can see it's a KWC. Not exactly the best revolver to buy.
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