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  1. I took a picture Not bad for a phone camera
  2. Is it, perchance, a Microsoft Bluetrack mouse?
  3. Unless you are Kid Scotland reincarnated, I'm not sure there's much else to say other than "oh". And, "where did you go?"
  4. Do you not put deodorant on after washing? I use Sure Invisible Ice after washing and even if I've had an especially active day I'll still smell nice at the end of it, I know most days that wouldn't be the case if I didn't use it
  5. It's a viral marketing thingy, for the dashcam
  6. I've been down that road, so to speak, and as much fun as it was, I couldn't get anywhere near as fast as I am with an Xbox controller, so I went back to that
  7. This is why I have an xbox 360 controller plugged into my PC for driving games Most decent ones are unplayable on PC because you end up just spinning out constantly or locking the wheels braking for corners. Fair enough £180 gets you an xbox, but it'll also get you a graphics card, some more ram and at least one game to play with. Anyone with a modern-ish PC can make it play games better than a console for the price of one. And as a PC gamer you get a life time of cheaper games
  8. Try this: http://www.piriform.com/recuva
  9. I can't afford to play airsoft anymore. I miss it.
  10. I like how our answers are almost identical Also! It was 42 degrees (in my greenhouse). Beat that.
  11. "Health" and "Safety". Basically, because of all the *fruitcage*-wits we have over here who will take any opportunity they can to sue someone as they can't be bothered to work, everything has to be completely idiot proofed to the extent that no-one is allowed any fun, if you do, you get sued/fined/dead. Whereas before, only the last result would've been applicable and used to be enough of a deterrent.
  12. Does no-one remember a couple of weeks ago when it was really, really hot?
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