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  1. I took a picture Not bad for a phone camera
  2. He doesn't need to, he can just take a spare out of one of his many pouches
  3. New toys! Bought an Atomic ELE12 with a half melted voice coil a few weeks ago for £30. Used it til it smelled nasty and made smoke, then sent it off to be reconed with Fi BL parts for £110 It's prettier now, and shouldn't make smoke... Also made it a new 2cuft home (set up on mah bed to test) The neighbors will confirm it's working Brother got his two done at the same time as they were on the way out
  4. Is it just me or is that tyre a bit flat?
  5. Good thing that ditch wasn't a foot deeper!
  6. Hey, the times on the forum seem to all be an hour behind. Just pointing it out Matt
  7. I can imagine that would be fairly time consuming. And there's another thing The "wink.gif" seems to be missing.
  8. New quotes seem to work. But ones from before the update just say something along the lines of: QUOTE (*[name]* @ *[date and time]*) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And then there's the quoted text.
  9. Only your first pic works. Seems your links are broken... I think I can see where this is going thought The snow round my way was perfect for iglo building on the first 2 days of there being snow. Now though it's just all powder so only good for skiing... EDIT: disregard my first comment...
  10. Fairy muff... Photos then! Gotta make the most of it... EDIT: 360 degree photo!
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