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  1. Oh for real? I thought I remember seeing someone with an L85... Guess that was you. Next time I'll try to actually meet you in person haha.
  2. *Only reason I blacked out my face is because I wasn't paying attention when the picture was taken and I was looking downwards, so it looks better if you can't see my face lol. From Black Eagle 3 in Bangor, MI (6/4/2010).
  3. It's a Dboys AK74U (steel/wood). Seems pretty cool so far, however I'm probably going to sell it since I'm basically broke... Thanks, my teammate (the photographer) did a pretty awesome job by simply moving the camera as I moved to get good shots. I don't have any others (yet) of just myself, but here are a few of my teammates (I'm sure they won't mind me posting these): I also posted a few other shots of our team in the Team Photos thread.
  4. Team took some pictures at a local indoor CQB facility last night, here's a good one (I thought) of me: And me and a teammate with our banner (nevermind the funky look on my face... maybe I should have been smiling a bit?): I know we have more pics of me from the photoshoot (we took like over 400 photos), just have to talk to my friend and get them...
  5. Posing for a shot after a game (hence no goggles). I'm on the right. Don't mind the orange tip there... just waiting on EBB....
  6. Yeah, well...sort of. I live in SE Michigan, and was contemplating going to this game. I've played with the guys that ran the game (TEST, right? The guys that dress in all black swat gear and stuff) before at events here in MI, and they're good guys. Plus, the field looked awesome from some pictures. Unfortunately, nobody else I knew very well in my area was going and school had started and it was too much of a commitment at that point to drive down for the game. Not to mention the number of people actually dressed up in mobster "uniform" looked awesome! Really wish I had been able t
  7. Haha you totally cropped those first two pictures, didn't you? I think I remember looking through the pics of that game (wishing I had gone... ) and seeing those pics with somebody else to your right... Either way, nice loadout.
  8. Kiki-Jiki

    KJW M4

    Raven1, if you do get the KJW m4 make sure to keep us updated here! Although I'll probably be keeping my WOC, I'd still like to know about this KJW m4 since I may have to end up getting one for a real skirmishable GBB m4...
  9. Kiki-Jiki

    KJW M4

    Alright, I've got a question for Donut and the others that have the KJW m4. How's the hop-up? I mean, consistency wise. If you can get it set up right, how consistent are shots? I love my G&P WOC, except for the hop-up. It's simply not very consistent...and if this KJW m4 is a functioning GBB that takes AEG parts and has a reliable hop-up system, I'm all for it.
  10. Kiki-Jiki

    KJW M4

    Yeah I'd also like to know. So far this KJW m4 has sounded pretty promising, but I'm sure I could find two people who say their WE/WA/G&P/Ino/AGM/JG/etc... m4 GBB is awesome too. Anybody else got one? Hell, anybody else even have any problems with them at all?
  11. A couple pics of me at a rec game today. Yes...I know, I really need a haircut. So don't say it.
  12. ^^^Don't mind the rifle in the background.
  13. Here's me at Op: Backdraft in Bangor, Michigan. Pretty good game, only thing I can really complain about is that some of the people on the other team weren't calling hits, but no game can be perfect.
  14. Ahh ok thanks. I'll probably just stop being so lazy and take off the front rail to get the o-ring on.
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