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  1. Oh for real? I thought I remember seeing someone with an L85... Guess that was you. Next time I'll try to actually meet you in person haha.
  2. *Only reason I blacked out my face is because I wasn't paying attention when the picture was taken and I was looking downwards, so it looks better if you can't see my face lol. From Black Eagle 3 in Bangor, MI (6/4/2010).
  3. DBOYs KAC QD Suppressor. It's very nice I think. Doesn't quite belong on my rifle, but that's why I've got an AAC M4 2000 coming.
  4. Thanks dude. The rail is actually ACM (some replica...). Wish I could say it was the G&P, the G&P I had before was really nice. I basically had to re-thread the threads on the Magpul receiver with the stupid ACM barrel nut to get this rail on... but at least it'll stay really tight now lol.
  5. Kind of pales in light compared to some of the nice rifles being thrown around here, but I really like the look and feel of mine. Though I'm still considering a black PEQ-15....
  6. No problem! Glad I could be of help. Haha, I got it a while back and sold it...a while back. Hammerfall has it now (well, at the very least he did since I sold it to him). Old pictures. I don't even have that gun anymore.
  7. Sorry for the *suitcasey* pics, but at least they get the point across: Scope was a Vector Optics 1.25-4x, scope mount was a replica LaRue-style SPR mount, PEQ was a Dytac (very similar to the VFC- I had both). I don't remember having any problems seeing over the PEQ. There might have been a little bit of tan fuzzines at the very bottom of my view, however I don't recall it ever being a problem.
  8. LOL 35 RPS?! Thats...ridiculous!
  9. I also field tested my AFG and my MS2 (ACM) today with excellent results. The AFG was amazing. Simply put, I love it. And I had at least 10 people ask me what it was lol. But in all seriousness, it was extremely comfortable. The MS2 was also really nice with my ASAP. I shoot righty, and I don't shoot much lefty, but when I need to the ASAP and MS2 really help. Otherwise, I was using the MS2 as a standard 1-pt sling and it worked just fine.
  10. Take a look at cstrikeman's above you. I like a 9.5" DD RIS and either a 10.5" or 11.5" outer barrel. cstrikeman's is an 11.5" outer, and one mine I have a 10.5" (pictures to come when the rest of my stuff comes in for it) with the same DD RIS MK18 rail (9.5") rail. You could also go shorter, but that's up to you and what you like. I personally love the 10.5" or even 11.5" outer barrel with just about any rail system.
  11. Man, that "The Intervention" is so totally awesome! In all seriousness, it is incredibly awesome-looking. Hows it fire?
  12. Nice rifles Maj.Pain, only thing is I'd get black buffer tubes. Those silver ones look...funky.
  13. There's so much FDE/tan and win in those couple pictures that my head just exploded. Well done sir, well done.
  14. I would be all over that, if only I had the cash....
  15. Previous owner... Well, more like just didn't install it. It's just outside the picture. Previous owner....
  16. It's a Dboys AK74U (steel/wood). Seems pretty cool so far, however I'm probably going to sell it since I'm basically broke... Thanks, my teammate (the photographer) did a pretty awesome job by simply moving the camera as I moved to get good shots. I don't have any others (yet) of just myself, but here are a few of my teammates (I'm sure they won't mind me posting these): I also posted a few other shots of our team in the Team Photos thread.
  17. Somehow we managed to get most of us together for a photoshoot, so... here are a couple pics.
  18. Team took some pictures at a local indoor CQB facility last night, here's a good one (I thought) of me: And me and a teammate with our banner (nevermind the funky look on my face... maybe I should have been smiling a bit?): I know we have more pics of me from the photoshoot (we took like over 400 photos), just have to talk to my friend and get them...
  19. TCB, I would also suggest buying new fill valves from Madbull if you're going for the Pro Arms POM shells. I got a 3-pack of them, and while sometimes they seem to be ok, sometimes they leak. In fact, on one of them it just empties all of the gas straight out of the fill valve as soon as I take the propane bottle away. But Madbull sells steel fill valves for $10, with free shipping in the US.
  20. Agreed, except for the FG PMAG.... a black one would be pure sexification.
  21. I hate all of you guys with MASADAs. Now I have to get the PTS ACR when it comes out. My wallet is going to hate me...
  22. So now you have two of the exact same guns...
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