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  1. that scope is pretty low, maybe one of those sniper rail risers would help
  2. here's one http://www.rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fus...category_id=280
  3. yeah from evike, the material is like a thinner nylon instead of heavy duty cordura, it should hold fine but i'm thinking of getting a rubber padding for the cheek rest part, otherwise it's a really nice product, i think it's their matrix brand thing so only they would have it, its only like 25 bucks so it's not a bad deal
  4. if anyone has the m14 FH/suppressor set theyre selling, PM me please =)
  5. almost done, probably going to get a karsten cheek rest or a strap on cheek rest, bipod, and new flash hider
  6. maybe a big sunshade and higher rings to compensate for the size of the gun billy bob lol
  7. seems to be an m24 military version
  8. i knew you were kidding =P it's just hard to relay tones and such over the internet
  9. that's what i had been doing before but i decided i wanted it to be able to stand by itself without the micro connecting it Titleist: sorry lol
  10. i decided i wanted to make my URX secure without having the anchor it to the upper receiver with my scope mount so i searched online for the real KAC installation guide and to prevent it from unscrewing they actually used loctite, so i used it on the threads while screwing it on and it isn't going to come off unless there is some major force behind it =)
  11. well i guess it's done, but i also am selling it sadly =(
  12. i think he means the handguards
  13. i just got it, it's very comfortable but if you were to swap batterys during a game it would take prob 3-5 min because you have to take out 4 hexscrews, take out the old battery put in the new one, clamp the sides together and then put the hex screws back in
  14. oh it's from evike, i was trying to return an item but they were being *albatrosses* and would only give me store credit, it's a decent gun bag, the only downsides is one of the zipper pulls snapped and a side pocket zipper came off the tracks, other than that it's pretty solid here's a link http://www.airsoftpost.com/matrix-combat-f...se-p-26594.html
  15. just waiting on my micro w/ high mount from EBB, been 2 weeks since i ordered =/
  16. you can make it so it doesnt have a gap, the top rail will just be on the bottom =P
  17. it was a bit of guesswork but i got it right in the end after several trial and error thicknesses =P, now with it installed tightly im selling my micro and rasfix to get the micro w/ high mount also wound up switching to deans and took out the fuse
  18. made myself a URX tool, quite effective
  19. i think it'd look better with this outer barrel and front sight =P
  20. looks like a knights folding type, i have one for sale btw and yeah it is the standard one that comes with the sr-16 urx front set
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