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  1. nine

    G36 Picture Thread

    that is one awesome G36C mr.m I like red dot scope too
  2. that is an excellent replica, those pictures look like they belongs on the Springfield website. great job
  3. you dont like the well model? i was about to buy one also i was wondering what the accuracy of an Mp7 was like compared to a gbb, like a TM 1911
  4. Very nice, love scars to death.
  5. that, sir, is one fine kimber
  6. compensating for something?
  7. that is a common problem kinda, http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=147659
  8. oh wow... well im not going to put an eotech on my mp7, just kidding. if i ever buy one (i was considering it) i love the real one to death and all i play is CQB, but i dont know.. i have gun comentment problems.. im an idealist nothing is good or bad to me...
  9. yea but WA's have better preformance/internals
  10. Very nice gun love kimbers, LAPD and warrior/meusoc. Was wondering if you were me whould you buy a new WA Kimber Lapd/warrior/muesoc (havent decided which i want yet, love them all), or whould you buy a metal kit and install it on my current TM 1911... i have been wanting a kimber for a very long time and i finally have the cash for one
  11. nine

    1911 Picture Thread

    well i love the mauri 1911 best 1911 for CQB (except a WA, which are to $$$) is the frame metal? your photo skills make it look worn, Which i personally like
  12. nine

    1911 Picture Thread

    where the hell are the trades... it looks nice... but kinda looks like a WE
  13. pikeys are real...... i thought that was something snacth made up........ wowowowow
  14. nine

    1911 Picture Thread

    real gunner grips would look nicer
  15. nine

    USP Picture Thread

    after "I AM LEGEND" i want w USP with a tan frame...
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