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  1. Sorry everyone, I haven't had a good computer access for a while. I have gone threw all the PM's, If you still haven't received a reply try it again.

    Sorry guys, but I am back now.

  2. I had about 4 inches to spare http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs414.snc4/47712_1581819949776_1364023934_1540438_127790_n.jpg The bottom of my rear bumper was a nice shovel haha, took out a good portion of the bank.
  3. Looks like my TBB burning is catching on. It helps to burn it, then rub off the stuff that didnt stick, then keep doing it and it will just keep getting darker every time.
  4. Well I did some shuffling around on my real AR so, the T1 got to come off for a bit. Yeah Yeah Yeah... I know that the QDSS is a NT4, but I cant find a NT3 one for the PDW. Heres my Mk11 I am going to replace the PAQ-4 with a PEQ15 soon. And toss on some iron sights. Cans
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, I love this effect. I have been doing it on lots of guns for a while. I have some new pictures of the PDW I need to get up here.
  6. Use the tip of the flame... where it is yellow/orange. Hold it there for a few seconds almost where the flame is barely touching it.
  7. To answer some questions about the finish on my PDW... I painted the whole thing flat black, then with 2000 grit sand paper sanded it all down. Then I sanded the TTB just to make it shiney. Then all over the guns finish I took a lighter and burnt it where I thought carbon build up would be. It turns out great and is mostly permanent, The brake you can rub it off but I try not to. After a while it will stay.
  8. Nope, just used the round end on the soldering iron.
  9. When I first started doing it, I made a small pattern. Then I found that it gives better grip if its bigger and deeper. I re did all of mine using a round tip on my iron. I noticed a big jump in gripeyness. So you might want to make bigger indentations. Also, do the center strap for sure.
  10. How do you like the VFC PEQ? Those rubber part look really off. Looks like I will have to hit them with some paint if I get one.
  11. Its a dboys. I will get a updated picture right now, all I need is to wire it to deans and get my T-1 and put it on it.
  12. No, if it was it for sure wouldnt be on a airsoft gun haha...
  13. Yeah I am going to put a T-1 right behind the PEQ15. And the TTB I sanded down then took a torch to it. Then sealed it with some clear varnish(keep the silver from oxidizing and the black to being rubbed off)
  14. Heres a picture of my PDW... Since then I have added a scout light, and I stippled the pistol grip.
  15. Yeah if your worried about them, just get KNS pins.
  16. Well there double stack, instead of the normal 1911 single stack. Also lay off the posting... its obvious spam.
  17. Check your PM's... The place(if any body is wondering) is a abandoned elementary school.
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