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  1. HK says the sights on the real Mk23 are fixed. I think that screw on top is just for holding stuff in. http://hk-usa.com/civilian_products/mark23_specs.asp As far as the KWA model here, does it look as if the upper parts can swap into a Shooter Design/KSC slide and work on a KSC lower? I'll have to pull my KSC out later and take a look. Recoil rod setup certainly is different.
  2. I have the same thing... Bolt release is very hard to operate. I personally regrip, and use both my trigger and middle finger of the same hand to release the bolt.
  3. Well I'm sure this is good news for KSC/KWA USP owners. With the whole line gone System 7/NS2, it sure is hard to find 1st generation magazines.
  4. King Arms makes mags like those. http://cgi.ebay.com/King-Arms-G3-HK-Airsof...1742.m153.l1262
  5. Darn! I was thinking about doing that! The lower is wrong though. What you really want is a 0-1-20 polymer lower. Thankfully, G&G makes one, and you can get it from WGC! http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i..._cat_GG%20Parts
  6. Man, I love those HK USP/Mk23 comparisons. Oh and if those aire airsoft, where'd you get the Tactical adjustable sights for the USP? I can only find Meprolight tritium ones, but originals would be nice too!
  7. I read that, and that's what I thought at first, but people in this thread seemed to show theres more... http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=139055 It's not on VFC's site anymore. And if I'm getting an HK416 (or any HK for that matter), I'm not gonna compromise for anything less.
  8. That's the only reason why I'm getting one sooner! I'm afraid I won't be able to get em when I want to later on! I was gonna make my G3 kit this year instead of the HK416, but Umarex ruined my plans. Hopefull UNCo will still have it around December this year. I'll get it then if I can.
  9. KSC HK Mk23 + SD slide, Tokyo Marui LAM Unit... I'm a big Heckler und Koch fan, as well as a big Metal Gear Solid fan. My first gun was an obvious choice. I'm trying to amass as many HKs as possible. Next year it's gonna be a Systema MP5 + VFC HK416. The year after will be a Marui MP7A1, DE UMP.45, JG G3 with parts to convert to a G3KA4 (custom), G3A3, G3A4, and G3 SG/1. Also for that year will be a STAR G36 with conversion to a G36C, G36K, and MG36, and possibly a TM PSG-1. Yes, I really do have my airsoft savings planned out for the next 2 years, and all of it is H&
  10. Isn't it supposed to be plasticky? Don't see what can be metal. Oh and I love that "feature" (which is noted in real HK manuals as a safety hazard). Thank for the review though, there's very little info about this Marushin. I hate the blue lettering. And the lack of parts (specifically, a threaded barrel).
  11. I was there earlier today and I was furstrated when I tried the following searches... PSG-1 (the computer sees the PSG as a 3 letter string and won't let the search go through) FA-MAS (see above) USP KSC UMP UMG G19 It says no search results were found. And I know that's not true because KSC and G19 were both on the front page of listings. There are a lot of 3 letter items in airsoft (including the ones above, and more like MP5, TMP, P90). There's a chance of sellers missing potential buyers because buyers cannot find their thread, which was pushed back a page or two due
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