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  1. verry nice indeed! so sweet and simple
  2. hop up rubbers tend to be finicky about lube, in my experience. they want just the right amount to do well. would assume that in tropical and humid environments like that in the philippines, the lube tends to dry up faster and collect dust as well. wouldn't know about colder climes but i imagine they wouldn't dry up but would congeal instead -- meaning the lube would be in small clots and not spread out through the rubber. spraying a bit into the magazine each time i load it with gas works well with my GBBs. i hardly ever lube the hop, except when i do a maintenance cleanup of the gu
  3. hmmm . . . . don't lose hope, may get my 7 early next year and take it to EDGI for some custom work. but then, PDIs may by then be available, eh
  4. yummy!!! no project thread for those mods? cheers, zT
  5. thanks, rufs & bizurkur. still pretty much in WIP stage. the ranger mag, though, was a must do.
  6. update on my F2K: now with short, ranger plate mags.
  7. @Lax: here's the old beryl project thread. jonboy used an ICS, i used a cyma, someone else used a CA, IIRC. main tasks would be the right-folding stock and stock trunnion, the barrel trunnion, and the FH. quite a number of commercially available parts can be used, if you're not too OC about fine details.
  8. replace the barrel and some green and it might do, victory. at least until marui gets off its *albatross*.
  9. h m m m . . . verry nice, indeed. i certainly like the shading off -- very hard to do well when dry brushing or using rags. was expecting a bit of deep burning. you must have done it with a very light and sensitive touch. will an overlay of finishing coat keep the effect more or less permanent?
  10. nahh . . . was jiving about the very roundabout way to get pics up makes me that much more eager to see the pics
  11. wheww. worked up a sweat reading that, pforcerecon.
  12. have read of some using a torch on metal parts. your lighter on ABS is the first i've heard of any such thing. pics would really be nice.
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