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  1. I knew it, I knew the new multicam patterns would be like drugs, yep that’s right "just say no"
  2. jeez, thats pretty shocking and destructive. glad you tested it rather than have that happen in the field.
  3. kojak, love the visor, do you have any more details on it? first time ive seen one of those. are they a good seal and game safe? cheers
  4. Hi Folks, time for another update on a little Airsoft project. As some of you might remember last time we saw the Ops Core Fast Helmet replica it looked a little like this: Since then I've played a few games in it and come to love it, the only problem is that whist it does blend in, often it also stands out, mainly against the greens. It just ends up as a brown spot. With that in mind I recently purchased a nice Multicam helmet cover from the wibbly wobbly web, now im not normally a fan of covers but i must say this does look sweet. My only concern is, that like the MICH (that
  5. just curious as to A - what the softshell is and B - what colour is it? my monitor struggles to differenciate between tans and greens at work (cos its ) cheers
  6. Well folks the work has been completed and the pictures are finally here. Some time ago I started work on my MICH and bought a load of odds and sods for it as seen here: As you can see this was origionally going to be a MICH with a marpat cover, however since I bought all these items I moved away from Marpat and over to Multicam so decided the cover wasnt really suitable. I decided then to spray the helmet and move to a patterned design. In the end the parts used were the NVG mount, a set of Ops Core Rails, the surefire replica, an emerson chin strap and the velcro i ordered. The origion
  7. nothing special but thought id share
  8. does anyone know if the suspension system from the fast helmets will actually fit in the older mich 2000s? i like the twist retention and hope it might be worth upgrading the mich to use it. cheers
  9. what did you use for the pattern on it? ive got a mich i wouldnt mind spraying cheers
  10. hi folks, bought a fast ops helmet and noticed it has a nice moulding lump on the top, did anyone else have this problem? if so di you just sand it down then stick the velcro on or just stick it on? also with the goggle loops on the rail mounts how are you guys attaching the goggles? do you need to buy special straps or can the goggle straps be undone to slip on? looking at getting rails etc for my mich. sorry for the noobish questions. cheers
  11. i recently ordered some bits and pieces for a belt kit which all turned up in a timely fashion. however when communicating with them about some more bits i wanted to order and if they were availbile and any plans for further black kit im still waiting and that was over three weeks ago other then that a damn good site and value for money - the ricas compact works out at 200+ individually with the pouches or 114 as a set, superb value. cheers millest
  12. @knivezs does the flashhider screw all the way back to the sight post or is that "gap" behind it the inner barrel? cheers millest
  13. nicely one, just curious how close does the silencer come to the gas block? and how have you managed to get the silencer and flash hider on? im assuming its the ebb Scar sd silencer and flash hider cheers millest
  14. cool, thought i think i might be popping down on tues/weds on my day off for something to do anyone interested PM me and if they have anything ill let you know cheers millest
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