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    Classic Army G36C with EO-Tech 551 Rev F. HDS, Guarder rails (long under-rail), TD vertical grip, M3 style taclight, G&G Aluminium Front set (barrel/gas-system/flashhider), real H&K Aluminium Sight-handle, real H&K G36 tactical sling

    Maruzen Walther P99 GBB

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    M15A4 Law Enforcement Carbine
    Marushin Mossberg M500 SSB Shotgun
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  1. Okay it’s enough now, I will not accept TMC’s behaviour without a word of protest any longer ! Today I got a warning from him WITHOUT ANY REASON for this! He has also not justified this warning in any way and it’s not comprehensible! The only reason for this warning is that he doesn’t like my opinion and tries to punish me for speaking my mind! It’s nothing else than a tit-for-tat response, as he did it various times before by giving me a negative reputation for my mind! If this warning isn't removed and this board supports his unacceptable behaviour I will leave this board IMM
  2. But I hardly believe, that these guys will sell him their slings
  3. You're right, it looks very good on the G36 but it's also a very simple 3-point sling compared to the high-quality slings (made by Giles, Eagle Industries, Blackhawk, Specter Gear etc.) arround. I purchased mine from a guy with... erm... "good connections" to the Bundeswehr entity These slings are hard to find separately, because every H&K gun is normally delivered with a fitting sling.
  4. Sure, but where's the problem? It's not different on the AR15 CQB/R mods and a lot of other subcompact carbines and SMGs.
  5. Lax, trash that P90 (the ugliest I've ever seen ) and your collection is pretty nice
  6. Finally my G36C is more or less complete... well at least externally An arty shot of the gun A little overview Upside down Now finally with flip-up BUIS. Not the real MP7 style ones, but they will be replaced by real ones as soon as they or a well made replica (Marui/Maruzen?) becomes available. BUIS deployed. Yes it's a co-witness setup Top View. It's a really streamlined weapon, nothing pokes out more than 15mm (except the flashlight of course). Imagine how well it would feel in your hands
  7. Nice . But needs a trigger guard and a better pistol grip
  8. There's a saying in Germany "Wer schön sein will muss leiden", means: if you want something special, you have to pay the price for it
  9. Rrrrr... EO-Tech and Surefire M900... that's the perfect UMP Also note the Gerber ASEK knife
  10. A the EO-Tech lens is non reflective, there is no need for a Killflash in realsteel. With other words: an EO-Tech killflash doesn't exist.
  11. I can do it in the next days, the difference is: 1. it's made of Aircraft Aluminium instead of plastic 2. it's about 10mm higher and 15mm longer than the C-style rail 3. it's a simple formed handle, the C-style handle has these strange looking outlines 4. no fixed iron sights (as you already mentioned)
  12. Pss...your flashhider is upside down But not bad at all
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