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  1. I was just informing you that they do not offer any protection, just in case you didn't know and were using the helmet for safety. Its personal preference. I wear helmets for just about everything since they have saved my life once so far.
  2. Neither of those are certified for skiing, not sure if you were aware of that. I don't believe the Protec military models have any kind of certification. The Ops Core sport helmet, from what I can find, is "certified to CE EN 1385 (international standard for headgear for white water sports) and ASTM F1492 (skateboard helmet standards for multiple impacts)". That is from a Military Morons article, not from OpsCore them self. I think im going to try out that Giro Feature I linked, unless someone else has some info on something else out there.
  3. Any of yall have dual purpose helmet for airsoft and mountain biking (or other sports)? I've been looking at the following: Giro Feature and the Bell Super. They dont have any rail mounts obviously, but i believe both have a mount location for a gopro. http://fcdn.mtbr.com/attachments/apparel-protection/809584d1371765287t-bell-super-vs-giro-feature-20130620_152157.jpg http://dangsr.com/images/bicycle/giro2.jpg http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/3/7/6/5/2/5/webimg/672355290_o.jpg http://stwww.bikemag.com/files/2011/09/Giro_Feature.jpg
  4. Thinking of getting a KAC flip up gas block sight and rear buis for it.
  5. I think I have found a new reason to buy a FAL... Now we just need some midcaps.
  6. Gen 3 polar star in a King Arms MRE M4. Nice and simple, and loving every second of it. Super solid, no wiggles, love it! That said, wouldn't mind a vtac or MI rail on it. Have a vfg flashlight mount, and some rail covers on the way. Hoping the polar star dual selector kit works on it as well
  7. HSGI Belt, 5.11 inner belt, ATS triple pouch/storage pouch, maxpedition water bottle hollllderrrr, and a random dump (pouch)... Perfect for my lazy day skirmishing or full throttle
  8. BigBabyMoses06


    Getting there... Along with my HSGI belt. A lovely DMR set up. I can carry everything I need for the day except for food/water/HPA.
  9. I know, i know.... To be honest, the tolerances on the body are better than any G&P I have ever owned. It has locking body pins, no wobble between the receivers, and seems to be decent quality. I got all the parts for teh cheaps. It's all about the internals baby Its getting painted. Contemplating cerakoting it, but ill likely just rattle can or sponge it up as cerakote is not cheap and I don't have the equipment, Im not putting a P* into it though. A custom HPA unit is going in from The Builder @ airsoftsniperforums. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3805/9110819124_b1806b6c5d
  10. The externals for my HPA rig. Waiting on a TD grip, rail partitions, and hop stuffs.
  11. BigBabyMoses06


    What tube is that? ^^
  12. BigBabyMoses06


    G&G M16A3: Real Steel MAtech BUIS, M120, MB 6.01.
  13. G&G M16A3: Real Steel MAtech BUIS, M120, MB 6.01.
  14. Im off to work, but ill do it on some free time. Shoot me a PM if I forget (happens often).
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